Bloody Holland! – Phase 3 AAR:- Fortress Germany

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The third phase in the campaign event  “Bloody Holland!” was another stunning success for the Allied forces but was brutally fought for by the defending Germans who, fighting on the doorway to the German heartland itself gave no quarter and asked none in return. Populations in game, wrestling for the honors of the win were very good, 4 and even 5 AO’s were seen during the peak hours of the day. Kills per minute were at times the highest we have ever seen in the games history.

The first hours of the battle were intense as each side probed the other for a weakness somewhere, and the respective High Commands tried to craft feints and diversions in addition to full on attacks. Focus initially fell on the main attraction of the Dusseldorf/Koln line, with Ratingen in the middle becoming the kind of bloodbath we are getting used to seeing regularly now. However, soon attention swung towards Aachen as the source of both frontline German air power and as the most obvious way to buffer Maastricht and protect the northern flank. Like all the big city fights, you never knew when you’d round a corner and BLAM! lights out.

There’s nothing so adrenaline filled as coming face to face with a tank staring at you and all you have is your sniper rifle all set to pwn. Or as glorious as rounding that corner, and looking at the back end of a tank and you have your panzerschrek in hand and ready to rock.

Duisburg too was a brutal manhunt through the big city streets and neighborhoods. After 3 days of kill-destroy-capture in the big cities of the Ruhr valley, only Koln, Dusseldorf and Essen remained German. Of these only Dusseldorf was a set objective and the battle was still raging there when the battle timer ran out, declaring the Allies winners and with 3 in a row they win the clean sweep and cap off a mighty fun and pretty awesome action packed 2nd Bloody Battles campaign.

Allied Defend Points:-                                      
Maastricht – 4 points | Monchen Gladbach – 4 points | Dinslaken – 3 points Ratingen – 3 points

Allied Capture Points:-
Duisburg – 4 points | Aachen – 4 points

German Defend Points:-
Dusseldorf – 4 points

Winning 3 battles in a row for the Clean Sweep awards the Allies the campaign victory.


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