Phase 1 AAR- The Bridges of Nijmegen

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Phase 1 opened with one hell of a bang. Within the first few hours kills were being recorded at the rate of 4 a minute which is an outstanding level of action to be had.

Any time there's kills per minute on the map above 20, It's indicative of a great fight. We sustained rates over 30 per minute for well over an hour. At one point, a rate of 41 was sustained for 30 minutes. That works out to 1230 kills in 30 minutes. Simply an amazing kill rate.
- Narg

The Allies had a paratroop brigade in the heart of the sector supported by a tank brigade, but were very light on infantry. The fight would and did center around holding Hatert and buffering the entire area around it so they could move up their air brigades.

This meant that air power would be a critical component but was not guaranteed without the effort of the infantry supporting their tanks and taking ground. The fight that developed between Nijmegen and Lent was obviously going to be hotly contested and it was a veritable killing field from one town to the other.

Mook became another hotbed of death and destruction as the Germans put increasing pressure on the airfield there in an effort to deny the Allies a foothold to buffer in their air force to the front-lines. The paratroops there fought a battle that was grim and deadly, and the tanks fighting there as spearheads suffered a massive toll from German panzerschrek troops encircling them.

Well, I honestly wasn’t a fan of BB last time. But I think this one was timed much better and i had TONS of fun. I loved getting to fight in some towns we don’t fight in a lot. Real cool town set up North. We had some AMAZING fights today in Mook and Lent. The Allies and Axis both played awesome. The airwar was also great. Lots of air to ground action as well as some good air to air. Good job this time rats!
- Ow

With the Allies stung a little perhaps from the loss in the first Bloody Battles campaign, and led by their High Command with grit and determination … the scene began to unfold in their favor. Mook fell which freed Hatert from being frontline, and the air force moved up to the forward airfield there. Shortly afterwards Lent suffered a similar fate and thus were the ground objectives now all in Allied possession.

I’m enjoying the BB's, its my first so I have no complaints. I do agree with some comments about the air regarding the noise but I didn’t turn it down I actually turned it up. The immersion was unreal with air screaming over my head strafing and dropping eggs, EI running and gunning in those CP's 3 at a time was impressive.....shot the $%#@ out of me [Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)]
The North East of the map has some great sniping lines of site [Cool]
- atac

The fights I was in we had massive amounts of co-ordination going on between Armor and Air, if it spawned it was marked or relayed so from the ground pounders to the Air, thanks. The numbers of Air V Air is something that should be looked at I agree; but I also seen a lot of good one on one dog fights from both sides.

There was certainly a very heavy armor presence so any shortage of Air was made up for in Armor, this is pretty much why it was so important to pound them......................they were everywhere [Very Happy]

Now the pressure went up a notch. The Germans were being pressed hard everywhere and the Allied High Command was placing enormous value on the control of the bridges, a significant feature throughout this region. Players were responding with the destruction or rebuilding of bridges according to plans, and everyone seemed to be working together with a strong sense of co-ordination. Close air support bombing bridges, engineers rebuilding them where needed, fire teams protecting the engineers, tanks providing heavy fire support over-watch … it was an awesome sight.

Slowly but surely, with a strong population of players backing their command brigade moves, the Allies pushed eastwards along the canal and river.

Wyler, Kleve and eventually Kalker fell to this juggernaut of combat. The fight for Milsbeek went through the roof and moved south to Heijen where the event timer ran out while the Germans were pushing back into Rips from the southern flank.

In the final outcome, the Allies won all the ground objectives and dropped the most bombs on opposing RDP factories, thus winning the air objective too.

Allied point total = 19

German point total = 0

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