Phase 2 AAR- Kicking in the Front Door

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The Allies were on a roll from Phase 1 and it was clear from the outset they didn't want to lose any momentum at all. While Germany put up a strong fight, and even won the bombing objective (much to the surprise of many including the allied pilots!) the ground result was a slow but relentless push of one side against the other, with kill totals at unprecedented levels, but slowly moving further and further into Germany. The fighting was intense but it eally seemed like the allies were going to not be stopped by anything this time around. After losing the first in the series a few weeks ago, perhaps this was not surprising.

Currently the scoreboard stands at:-

Phase 1: The Allies won all objectives including the bombing objective.

Allies 19
Germans 0

Phase 2: The Allies won all the ground objectives but the Germans won the bombing objective.

Allies 15
Germans 4

Running total after 2 phases:

Allies 34
Germans 4

If the Germans win Phase 3, there will be a Phase 4 to take one of the teams to the 60 points it needs. Maybe even a phase 5 but we can't know that ahead of time.

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