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DOC Well "Bloody Holland!" ... the second in the Bloody Battles campaign series, will be closing today after the Allies fulfilled the victory condition of winning 3 battles in a row. It was a hard fought series of battles with good populations attending and lot's of AO's and plenty of action. We recorded the highest kills per minute numbers we can ever recall during peak play times.

You can check out the AAR's from each battle and see the progressive scoreboard, and the battle parameters that were set for each battle here at the Bloody Battles webpage. We at CRS would like to contratulate all players that took part in this the second the Bloody Battles campaign in the series for a hard fought, kill laden event that frankly ... was pretty awesome.

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Welcome to the BLOODY BATTLES homepage! Based on feedback from the last year of dynamically managed special events, Cornered Rat Software has designed a new and unique special event. Usually falling in between campaigns as a break from the regular “grind”, these events were designed to be different and exciting by focusing combat to smaller area and having specific and easy to understand objectives. These events are the model for the new BLOODY BATTLES special campaign: Time-limited, objective based battles focused on a specific area of the map.

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