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Welcome to the BLOODY BATTLES homepage! Based on feedback from the last year of dynamically managed special events, Cornered Rat Software has designed a new and unique special event. Usually falling in between campaigns as a break from the regular “grind”, these events were designed to be different and exciting by focusing combat to smaller area and having specific and easy to understand objectives. These events are the model for the new BLOODY BATTLES special campaign: Time-limited, objective based battles focused on a specific area of the map.
The BLOODY BATTLES campaign offers the potential for some incredibly intense combat for players old and new. No more run-of-the-mill Intermission. No one will be wandering around the map asking where the fight is. Specific and easy to understand objectives. Rapid access to the full equipment list. Less demand on the fine volunteers who make up the High Command. A shorter campaign with more unforgettable encounters.

Each phase will have a web page with the back story and the objectives clearly defined. A scoreboard is being created to keep track of each battles and the points tally.

We're trying something different using all the best that the Battleground Europe has to offer because we want you to have more fun playing. We're really excited to be offering this new campaign special event to you all and we're asking for your support as we work to improve the game you know and love.

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