Bloody Holland!


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For the second Bloody Battles campaign in the series, we have incorporated changes that came as the direct result of the first in the series and player feedback that resulted from this first event.
1. It will be much shorter. There will be a minimum of 3 battles if one side wins all 3 phases in a row, victory will be declared
2. If either side wins at least 1 phase, it will revert to the first to achieve 60 points
3. There will be more objectives in each phase, 5 ground (and 1 air) instead of 3 (and 1 air)
4. The first phase will begin in the post American time frame, ie: the entire campaign will be fought with American forces
5. The entire campaign will be fought with tier 3 equipment included
6. The campaign will start somewhere very different to a regular numbered campaign

This next event, "Bloody Holland!" will start with the British holding the airfield at Hatert in Holland with an airborne brigade in Hatert, Holland; supported by tanks. The Americans have an infantry brigade in Nijmegen. The rest of the allied forces are west of this region and moving up to try and reinforce their slender hold there. German forces are massed immediately west of Hatert and Nijmegen in Lent and Mook.

There will be 5 main ground objectives worth 3 points each to whoever holds them at the end of Phase 1.

Nijmegen, Hatert, Lent, Mook and Grave.

Airpower will win it's objective based on who drops the most bombs on the RDP factories of the opposing side. This will be worth 4 points.

This the 2nd in the series of Bloody Battles campaigns begins on Monday March the 12th at 2:00pm CST which is 8:00pm GMT. It will end at 2:00pm on Wednesday the 14th of March at 2:00pm CST or 8:00pm GMT. Phase 2 will start immediately afterwards, and details of that next phase will be posted probably later on Tuesday afternoon.