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One of the exciting aspects of this style of mini-campaign event for us is the chance to dynamically make changes to the live game. Manipulating supply based on individual objectives and achievements by players creates a unique sense of success or failure on the battlefield and opens up a lot of opportunities for the future.



I'll give you a small example of the kind of thing we are working on for the BeachHead Breakout event.

The Americans will only have a small coastal strip of towns, split into 3 sections, from which to stage their initial assault. They won't have any tanks to begin with and neither will the Germans facing them along the coast. The opening salvos of the breakout will be fired by infantry.

There will be enemy Army Bases in one or two of the towns the Americans start out with. We aren't revealing exactly which ones but they will be linked across the channel which does narrow it down to only 6 possibilities. Since the Germans will own the AB's in those towns, these become the first and most crucial objectives for the Americans to complete, using their depots to spawn in those towns. The Germans will also have a spawnable depot in those towns which will make for some intense building to building combat, perfect for showcasing the new semi-automatic rifles.

The initial assault becomes a fight to see if the Americans can completely own the towns they start out. If the Americans achieve their first objectives, to completely own all the towns and all the facilities in those towns, limited amounts of armor will appear in their spawn-lists. The Germans too, will start to see armor appear in their spawn-lists to match up to what the other side is getting.

Both armies will now be mighty, and the fight for Western Europe begins in earnest.

Since the initial objectives are by the attacking Americans, the German counter-objectives are to stop them. If secondary objectives open up as a result of American success and movement inland, some may be German orientated and the Americans find themselves on the defensive.

It will even be possible as the campaign progresses to see objectives that place the initiative on both sides. We are not going to get too complex this time around, instead use this experience to design a greater variety of new events and mini-campaign as a result of it's success' and failures,if any.

Watch the website during the event for updates on new objectives and after action reports.

This is an exciting time to be a part of this game. Don't miss out on it!



0 #3 mysticsoulsheep 2022-03-20 00:28
It's going to be ending of mine day, except before finish I am reading this impressive piece of writing to improve my experience.
0 #2 DOC 2011-11-20 19:12
Objectives are set each day based on the progress of the players in the game. Obviously this is very unpredictable, and we will be setting and changing these according to player progress in-game. We will announce them at the end of each day.
0 #1 xaos 2011-11-16 23:30
You say "watch the website during the event for updates on new objectives" - does this mean that players IN the event, wont receive any notice of the changing objectives???

Please answer :) S!
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