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S! Axis,

We have made excellent gains in the first week of campaign 87. Across allsectors of the front we are advancing West. The Northern Sector saw Brussels

and Antwerp airfields captured and the towns attacked. The Kriegsmarinelaunched excellent operations in the Zeelands. The Center Sector obtained

Namur. We are advancing across the Meuse river very successfully. The most incredible gains are in the south with a quick capture of Sedan and Metz.

This week, I personally witnessed the excellence of Axis teamwork. Officers,Squads and Players all focused together to form highly organized battles.

Everyone involved performed superb.The Allies launched mid week operations to regain their Airfields in the northern sector. They have also displayed excellent teamwork and formed great battles as well.

I am very pleased with the community. I feel everyone is having a very entertaining time.


AAR of the Week:


To start made some flag moves moving 20.3 into montmedy? to prepare for a second assault of Stenay. Signed on to having an AO on LeChesney and Buzancy. Buzancy had no ews so was cleared fairly shortly to make room for stenay as we

went down to two aos instead of 3. Thanks to Xfire and a few other players they managed to get in LeChesney Bunker and boot their flags to Buzancy great job there. While the majority of the pb was finishing lechesney, had FF setup Stenay. Lechesney Fell and the PB quickly switched to the defence of the zeelands initially but quickly moved to the offence after several squads were at stenay. Stenay quickly Fell as there was little supply left for the allies.

To end The supply of the allies in the south is awfull except for a signle amor flag which was fine. They were out of tanks i believe or roughly out of them. This was last night so it probably changed. Passed the map to devildawg i believe .


Promotions and New Officers:




Redlegs promoted to XXVII AK XO


Patti promoted to Luftwaffe CO

Galoobs promoted to Luftflotte 2 XO

Vasduten1 promoted to 1. Fliegerkorps CO

Dodger promoted to Jagdgeschwader 3 CO

Draaky promoted to Jagdgeschwader 3 XO

Brookesy promoted to Gruppe I CO

Sauron promoted to Kampfgeschwader 26 CO

Steinhoff promoted to Kampfgeschwader 26 XO

Ronpaul promoted to Kampfgeschwader 26 DXO

Rule303 promoted to Gruppe I XO

Hamza promoted to Stukagruppe I CO



Luftwaffe Bomber Badge (Bronze)

Toxicpuke and Halfface

LW Branch proudly presents the following medals to these two dedicated pilots who have tirelessly done a number of RDP bomb runs for Axis causing substantial damage to allied factories.


Axis Honor Cross

Pinche and Hummel

By Using Teamplay, communication and coordination; Pinche and Hummel21 are awarded with the Axis Honor Cross.

They both capped the Bunker in LeChesne alone and without any support near.




Delems is a veteran player and new officer in the Kriegsmarine. Delems offers much assistance to the Map Officer and is always taking OIC and offering excellent Intel reports. We are extremely happy to have him in OKW. His teamwork is the essence of what it means to be an OKW officer.




Gagamel is a veteran player and Commanding Officer of Kampfgruppe Wiking. His leadership and organization skills are perfect. He works with members of the Axis Community to form an Axis Squad Alliance. These joint operations are highly effective and entertaining.



The Axis community is strong, effective and motivated. I would like to thank everyone and encourage their continued participation. I am honored to be your New CinC and I will always strive to do my best.



Bloodhun23  Axis CinC


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