CinC vs CinC Event!

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This weekend we have a CinC vs CinC event, comprising of a couple of battles.


Battle 1:Air-to-Air(Spit1 vs 109E-1's)

- Spit1 vs 109E1 fighter battle. Only these Tier 0 planes allowed.

- My aim is to get at least 20 Axis pilots (no prior skill needed... I can only bomb myself).

- Try to be online by times provided below. There is 10 minute window to gather as many pilots before both sides take off.

- I will confirm with the Allied CinC as both sides take off, the rough rendezvous area both sides will fly towards.

- The side that wins will be the one that can keep their CinC alive the longest!

Battle 2:Tank-vs-Tank

- Ten to 15 minutes after the air-to-air battle, both CinCs will then hop into tanks.

- Depending on results from the first battle, one CinC will be attacking, the other defending at a chosen town.

- At the moment the only rule is that the CinCs have to be in tanks, everyone else can play units they so wish.

- The CinC to out survive the other CinC wins.





Sat - 11pm London

Sat - 5pm Texas

Sun - 10am Sydney


* meet on TS server 10 minutes before start




Both CinC' Conesq and NY75 have put this together, come and SUPPORT YOUR CinC!!!


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