Clash of the Titans Realism Event


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Clash of the Titans Realism Event: Dedicated to the tankers of WWIIOL:Battleground Europe

I really have not done anything dedicated to the tankers of the game, So we are going to do a Tanks only Special Event. I have found a grid that has rolling hills that a tank can duck in and out of and use the terrain as cover as they fight the opposing team trying to kill all of the enemy tanks and claim Victory for their side. This event will take place on the Training Server.

The object of the "Clash of the Titans" will be to stay alive and destroy all of the enemies tanks to achieve victory. Axis will start in Prum and the Allies will start in Vianden. Half way between each sides starting point will be a CRS Member  (Myself most likely) in the Skull marking the point on the map that you need to own and occupy to win before time runs out.
You can choose any tank you like to fight in. Numbers need to be as even as we can get them. If the number for one side become to uneven, we will ask players signing up to choose the side that's lacking players so we can balance them as much as possible.
We will need a Commander for each side, so if you'd like to cCommand the Allied or Axis tank forces please request a command position when you sign up for this event in the Special Events Forums in THIS THREAD.

Rules for this event will be posted in the sign Up thread and a JPG of the battle area with the starting towns and battle field will be posted there also. This event will take place on October 30th, Halloween Eve at 5pm CDT (22:00UTC/GMT). Consult for the time in your area that coincides with 5:00 pm Central USA time.