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On Friday July 23rd, long-time player Chuck "Haikugod" Lemahieu (aka "HG") hosted a mini-con here in Bedford, Texas. The Cornered Rat Software team spent a kick-ass evening being plied with drinks in order to reveal secrets to the players who attended. About thirty people filled the private room at a restaurant near Rat HQ, many of them having flown in from all parts of the United States.

The room was never quiet for very long as old and new players chatted, laughed and argued with the Rat staff over many rounds of beer, tequila and chicken wings. With help, HG managed to get the mob to quiet down long enough to give away several prizes to people who correctly answered trivia questions. Among the prizes given out were a vintage WWIIOL iron on patch, several Tshirts, and a Radeon HD 5850 1GB graphics processor donated by Jeff Royle of AMD. Macafeed walked away with the video card and Cosian took home the patch.

Everyone at the event also got a sneak peak at an upcoming new and, as of yet, unannounced game development which was met with great enthusiasm. Lots of old names were there but a couple of pretty new ones were there as well. Vet players like TopD, Kilemall, Cosian, Nobipure, Wolfie, Kbar, Delta68, Bulldog, Breed, Brnvktm, Casey76b, Wildhund, Vonhavoc and Sydney swapped stories with MD, a 3 week player. MD displayed as much enthusiasm and passion for WWIIOL as the vets. It was a pleasure to chat with him.

The party lasted late into the evening and everyone had a great time. That's quite a feat considering that some of the gang had played a full round of golf earlier that day in the Texas heat! I'm just thankful that HG wasn't able to find any Flak Panzer Oil...ugh.

Many pictures can be found in the mini-con forum or on our Facebook page.

CRS would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who came and who continue to give us their support. And we'd especially like to thank Chuck "HG" Lemahieu for organizing this get together. We needed it and we appreciate it, dude.





0 #4 Chasf 2010-08-01 10:58
Please have another Mini-con soon or on a regular basis. I had planned to come to this one but has some other commitment pop-up. :(

0 #3 xjaegerx 2010-07-29 19:55
Looks like you guys had a blast!!!! Wish I could have made the time to come down and had a few beers with the gang and hacked the course. Just tough with little kids. Maybe next time!


0 #2 ChiefTom 2010-07-29 18:17
My God!! Cos got OLD!!! (Crap, bet I did too) HG Where is your Corp Cav hat???
0 #1 mcshroud 2010-07-29 15:52
way too many full beers in those pics, I think they were photoshopped! Also, compared to the very first cons, I would say there is just a teeny bit more grey in the room, and i don't mean 'uniforms, yikes :)
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