Fortress Belgium ends in Allied win!

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Belgium is under siege! German forces have captured Holland and Luxembourg and are poised at the borders of Belgium and north eastern France. The British and the French allied forces must honour their treaty and stop the Germans from capturing Belgium!

For this event the rules are pretty simple. The Germans must capture as much of Belgium as they can. The French and British forces must defend as much of Belgium as they can. On Wednesday the 29th of June (around midday here in Texas) when we turn the live server back over to the start of Campaign 71 ... the winner of the event will be declared based on who owns how much of Belgium at that time.



Day 2!

British and French steel themselves to save Belgium from invasion!

Beginning 28th June 2011, German forces had completed maneuvers throughout Holland and Luxembourg to completely surround Belgium along every non French border. Having the Zeeland Islands in their grasp meant the Germans have air and naval power to bring to the fight for Belgium.

As expected, fighting immediately broke out along the coast from Breskens to Walsoorden, with a strong push south from Zandvliet to pressure the critical port of Antwerp. French forces attacked Aachen to ease pressure on the Esloo/Maastricht corridor. Within hours advance units of the German 17th Infantry Division were already probing Antwerp in an effort to obtain a foothold there, knowing full well the effect this would have on the Allied defenses elsewhere. Intense fighting through the first night saw Antwerp hold on and the defenses were somewhat more relaxed by the morning after successfully routing the invading Germans from the city and suburbs. Meanwhile the French 2nd Light Mechanised Division had pushed north across the border with Holland from Achel and Lommel to take the Dutch airfield town of Eindhoven under attack; in an effort to distract and hinder German air power in the region north of Antwerp and along the north eastern borders of Belgium.

As expected, the strongest push from the German effort was in the west, from Hulst south to St.Niklaas and extending rapidly south to Wetteren to create a southern anchor to the surrounding of Gent. Intense fighting and bloody battle for the towns of Zelzate and Eeklo is still underway and hasn't abated since the first attacks 24 hours ago. Gent remains a pivotal city in any effort to capture a signifigant amount of Belgium territory and thus it has come to pass. So far the effort to surround Gent has not resulted in any significant success but the city has come under light attack and casualties within the city itself have been a constant reminder of the furiously intense fighting just 10 short kilometers way in Zelzate and Eeklo.

With the Allied air forces at Knokke under little real pressure from the Luftwaffe in Vlissingen ... most of the battles taking place in that part of the channel region are combined naval and low altitude air combats. In what has become a pretty fluid battle-line, torpedo planes are being employed by both sides and with some success. It is probably to the flyers great fortune that sharks are not a common sight in this region of the world, because a lot of pilots are doing a lot of swimming.

In a surprise breakout from the French 4th Reconnaissance diversionary attack on Aachen ... the German 27th Infantry Division cut across the river border at Elsloo and captured Genk, before being forced to withdraw after pressure was brought onto Eindhoven further north. Naturally if abandoned Belgium towns such as Genk remain in German ownership when the cease fire is called on Wednesday, this will factor into the Germans favor.

Day 3!

British and French forces defend Belgium successfully from the German onslaught!

After 2 days of seriously intense fighting with the Germans massed on the northern and eastern borders of Belgium, looking to invade and with a take no prisoners attitude ... the French and British forces put up a stellar defense even in the face of some serious incursions during day 2.

Following on from the probing attacks and the German spearhead around Gent, in conjunction with the secondary thrust towards Genk in the east ... most of the really bloody conflict took place along those two fronts. Antwerp had proven too hard a nut to crack as it frequently does. As a consequence, the bloodiest fighting on the final night was around the city of Gent and Genk township. The Germans had managed to hold the outer ring north of Antwerp and this presented some difficulty for the Allied forces in determining a 100% defense by the end of hostilities to come on the final day.

However, just before closing of the event, in the final 30 minutes; the Allied forces liberated Zelzate in the west and Wuustwezal in the north to pull off a 100% defense of Belgium.

Congratulations to all who took part in this event and we look forward to more fun and games in future intermissions.

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