Fortress Zeelands - Axis Win!

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Congratulations to the Axis on winning the Fortress Zeelands Scenario! Axis troops not kept the Allies from capturing any of their objectives on the Zeelands, but they also pushed through and made Antwerp theirs. Congratulations all on a hard fought scenario!




The Germans hold all the Zeeland Islands, the bulk of their army is either in the islands themselves or spread around the eastern boundary to a point southeast of Antwerp.

The Allied army is gathered mostly along the channel coast opposite Vlissingen and east to Antwerp.

Air and naval play should be highlighted by this configuration.

Equipment is mostly tier 2 and 3, although there is a smattering of useful tier 1 material, and some tier 0 gear where it is appropriate.

Rank will be open, so even a recruit can try out equipment that they normally would have to earn  through game play on the campaign server.

This set-up requires that supply be turned on, rather than unlimited, but we will shorten resupply timers to reduce significantly the effects of attrition, making supply not much of an issue, which promotes a play style that is less serious about "saving gear" and more fun for the campaign break.

Torpedo bombers will be available, so if you don't know how to torpedo bomb, you might want to do some reading up about that in our forums. Torpedo maximum drop speed is 160 mph and minimum drop altitude is 200 ft. Above those values your torpedo will not release. This is tricky to get right without some careful flying.


We're going to try and keep this simple, as complex objectives and rules confuses a lot of people who just want to have some fun between campaigns.

  1. The Allies have to capture the Zeeland Islands
  2. The Germans have to defend the islands and try to keep them German
  3. Antwerp has been set-up as an alternative "target" by which the Germans have a way to pull Allied resources from attacking the islands into defending Antwerp. By definition, this means it is an Allied objective to not lose Antwerp to the Germans, since this will help them to defend the islands.

We hope you have some fun with this event while we recompile stats and the other server maintenance tasks we have to perform between campaigns.


0 #9 WIITMAN 2011-04-08 18:36
Ausgezeichnet! Good Job AXIS
0 #8 XAOS 2011-04-06 11:50
I hope this starts soon, people are chomping at the bit to get in!

Can you have a dev go on training server and let us know when intermission starts cuz a lot of us are waiting on there.

Thanks and cant wait! S!

-DOC: it began this morning
0 #7 DOC 2011-04-06 10:40
Yeah that was a typo, the MAXIMUM drop altitude is 200feet, not the minimum
There is NO ability to spawn armor in the Zeelands, it's hard coded that way, cannot be changed
0 #6 Frantish 2011-04-05 12:19
Good show! Need some island action! I assume that everything east of Zees is Axis, including Schilde and Lier? (without those 2, axis have no chance to take Ant). Gilze will also need to be Axis to counter the AF in Ant (Knokke/Vliss = epic).
0 #5 Dfadd 2011-04-05 10:21
this scenario is going to rock :)
0 #4 Speed68 2011-04-05 06:34
HELL YEAH, DOC showin some NAVY love with this scenario (bout time,lol)! A couple questions though, Are you allowin Armor in the Zees spawnable from Armor units or just standard Zees restrictions to scout cars OR NONE, cept what you boat over there?
0 #3 ratatosk 2011-04-04 18:09
This looks like it will be a fun bloodbath. Anything involving n00bs in DDs is fun. :)
0 #2 Csudet 2011-04-04 18:03
"Torpedo maximum drop speed is 160 mph and minimum drop altitude is 200 ft. Above those values your torpedo will not release"

Shouldn't that be a maximum drop alt of 200ft? The 'above these values part' is confusing if 200ft is a min drop alt.
0 #1 Mark Bromley 2011-04-04 17:12
Please let there be hawk75 in this mission Doc

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