Full Scale War - This Sunday!


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This Sunday (April 1st) WWII Online will be having an explosive live server event at 12:00PM US Central (Server Time). We're calling on all troops to be present to bring on some massive battles that leave some great memories.

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Our HC volunteers will be leading the charge organizing their teams into the battle effective units, piercing the lines and creating chaos. Our emphasis here is to provide a time frame where both Allied & Axis teams can come together in a joint clash of arms generating large scale movements and engagements.

This will be a great opportunity to experience what WWII Online can provide on a full scale strategic and operational level.

Mission Details:

  • Muster / Show Up Time: 11:30AM (Central / US Server)
  • Tune "OPS" Channel
  • Start Time: 12:00PM Central (US / Server)
  • End Time: 4:00PM Central (US/Server)
  • Location: Live Campaign Server
  • Teamspeak Details (highly recommended)
  • Spread the word to your squad / e-mail lists / FB friends / etc

Event Details:


Actual battle plans will be generated by your side leadership. Get involved on your "Secure - Side Forums" and start the battle planning as a team!

Combat Photographers:

We'll have a few of our Combat Photographers online to take some great shots which can be featured on our facebook page.

We hope to see you there engaged in the fight! Here are some of WWII Online's recent Facebook Spotlight combat photo's.