High Command Information Meeting

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CRS and High Command would like to invite you to a Meet and Greet.


Community Wide Meeting/Information

Will be held on Teamspeak3 to give players new and old, an in-depth look (information) on the Battle Ground Europe High Command Organizations. We will be covering the following topics as well as question and answers;

1. High Command History

2. High Command Responsibilities to the players.

3. High Commands role to CRS as ambassadors of CRS

4. Current State of the High Commands

5. What type of players are the High Commands looking for (HC is not for everyone)

6. Recruitment / OCS

This meeting as stated would be strictly adhered to in respects to getting information to the players on how important the HC is and the ability to fuction as a team organized to help their respective side, this is also a opportunity to answer any questions of those players who may be interested in joining either High Command.

Cornered Rat Software Reps as well as High Command Staff personel/Officers will be attending to address the topics listed and answer questions. We hope to see as many players there who have an intrest in the aspect of the High Command System or to get a better understanding on what it provides.


When: Saturday January 12, 2013

Time: 5 PM CDT, 10 PM GMT, 12 AM Berlin, 12 PM Hawaii, 1 AM Helsinki,

Where: TS3 IP: ts44.gameservers.com:9259 Password: ww2


0 #1 riverdog 2013-01-08 12:37
Can someone please record this, as I work 2nd shift. Thanks.
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