July 12th Infantry Event: The Remagen Bridge

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  • Date & Time: July 12th, 2008 2pm Texas Time (Central U.S.)
  • Equipment Set: Infantry (All Personas) and Trucks (Opel, Laffy, and Bedford only)
  • Open Event: No Sign ups Required. We will have a Sign Up List for each Side. We do however Request a Volunteer from each side to be the Side Commander and Run the Battle and Command the Troops. We will be Simulating Supply in another manner than 1 Death and your Eliminated from the Event.
  • Timed Event: 2 hours Max.


The Goal: to Own both Unkel and Remagen to Control the Bridges conecting the towns.

The Axis will own the east side of the river and the Allies will own the west side of the river. Now here's the "TWIST" ..... Remagen is on the west side but will be owned by the Axis, Unkel is on the east side but will be owned by the Allies. Both Remagen and Unkel will be Empty creating a No Mans land on the Objectives. Each Side must Own Both towns, Unkel and Remagen to Achieve the Objective of Controling the Remagen Bridge and the Rhine River.


  • No MSP's ...... Period.
  • Supply ... To simuate Replacement Troops to Combat Units, When the Scenario begins, the Server will be Locked for 13 minutes, the server will be Opened for Only 2 Minutes to allow Players who were Killed in action or Joining the Scenario to Spawn in. Thus Simulating some form of Supply and making Life Important.
  • Unit may be Moved into Unkel or Remagen when Movement links are Established.
  • Disruptors / Trouble makers will be Removed from the Event.

More details at the Event Forum

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