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The third annual Pearl Harbor event held this past Saturday, December 11th, was a great success! Many thanks to Jammyman, Icetwp and all other organizers and assistants who helped herd cats and pull this great scenario off without a hitch. Over 100 players signed up to take part in the recreation event. Here is Jammymans official AAR of the event.
WOW .........
The 3rd Pearl Harbor was .......WOW ....... is all that I can really say.
Okay, where do we start. Motormouth finally survived a 1st wave attack in this years event. The American Fleet Commander Icetwp got clobbered in the 1st wave and went down with his ship. Rumors floating around in the Japanese Imperial Air Force is that Giggadee had a bounty on Icetwp, a case of 20 year old sake and a weeks leave in Tokyo. Well worth it to Giggadee to see the American commander sitting at the bottom of the harbor boosting his hopes that he would be the Strike Commander that would give the Imperial Air Force it's 1st Victory in the Pearl Harbor event after their defeat in the first two events.
This year, we got off to a bang with the start of the Pearl Harbor Event. Everyone in the Fleet was on station and in position when the clock struck 8:00 pm GMT. Before I could even get over the the airfield and get footage of Giggadee's horde of bombers taking off they were already in the air and on their way to make the American Fleets beautiful afternoon a nightmare. Dive bombers filled the air. Fighters were on their way to strike the airbase and take out the Americans fighters while they were on the ground making any air defense of the American Fleet impossible. Torpedo bombers where skimming just above the wave tops to avoid detection and hopeful that as the gunners were focus upwards on the dive bombers they would slip in undetected to get their fish away and into the belly's of the American battleships.
The Fleets air raid sirens starts blasting, the guns start firing at the dive bombers as they screamed from the heavens down towards them with tracers flying past their cockpits and shells bursting all around them. Yet they continued in their dives and dropped their bombs on the ships they were targeting and climbing back up to avoid the intense AAA fire they were receiving.
The Imperial Fighters completely surprised the American airfield and strafed the planes and the pilots as they scrambled to get their fighters off the ground to engage them enemy and defend the fleet from the attacking bombers. Many of the American fighter pilots didn't make it off the runway but a few of them did managed to get into the air and get over the American fleet to do what they could and defend them from the attacking Imperial Air forces.
WOW ....... There was so much action this year that i needed a dozen cameras to catch it all and I know i really missed a lot. I got about 23 minutes of footage  and made 2 videos. Some of the participants also have some videos and a lot of screen shots were taken also. You can see the videos and screen shots in this "Pearl Harbor Movie and Screen Shot Thread". If you were in the eEvent and would like to contribute a clip or picture of the event we'd love to have it in there with the rest of them.
There is also an "AAR THREAD" for you to post and read some of the AAR's that those who participated has posted with their victory and defeats from this years Pearl Harbor event.
And i have also posted a "FEEDBACK THREAD" with hopes that those who took part in this years Pearl Harbor eEvent will post their thoughts on the good, the bad, and ugly so that next year when Pearl Harbor IV comes around we can make more improvements to it and a better experience for you all to enjoy playing in. We added a few thing to this years Pearl Harbor event, fighters for both sides in limited numbers and also a limit number of torpedo bombers for the Imperial Air force
Well I guess I should tell you guys how it turned out. We had almost 50 ships in the event, and close to half of them were multi-crewed. We had 60 to 80 Planes with only a small number of the multi-crewed. Victory conditions were set that the Imperial fleet had to sink (because they got 2 waves to attack and had torpedo bombers this year) 70% of the American fleet. Which was 35 ships to win. The American fleet had to have 40% of their ships left floating for a victory. 41% to 69% ships left floating. At the end of the second video, you can see that the Imperial Air force only sunk 20 of the 50 American ship which is 40% and what the American fleet had to have floating to achieve a victory for the 3rd year in a row.
Special thanks go out to Icetwp, managing the sign ups for the American fleet is and always has been the biggest headache of the Pearl Harbor event. For 3 years running he has done an awesome job with Fleet Commander and I look forward to him requesting Command of the American fleet for the Pearl Harbor IV event in 2011.
I can not forget Giggadee, he took charge of the Imperial Air force and when I would log in to update the list of players for both sides he was already 3 steps ahead of me and had the sign up list taken care of by the time I got home from work. His Imperial Air force was 1 ship from a tie and snatching the American fleets 3rd Victory right out from it grasp and making it a draw.
Congratulations to the American fleet. I'm sure that the Imperial Air force is already planning out next years attack that will end your winning streak and give them their first Pearl Harbor victory to keep you from winning 4 events in a row.
Special Events Coordinator
0 #6 Icetwp 2010-12-18 14:00
Here is some "awesome" film by Acegacek aboard the USS Ramapo Transtport Ship.

This film shows the heart and soul of what it is like playing in the Pearl Harbour Events. :D

Ice, Fleet Command
0 #5 Icetwp 2010-12-17 12:08
Congratulations to the Fleet on its Victory and to Air Commander Giggadee for making this contest a lot closer than I like. :)

Victory hung on the balance of "one" torpedo which you can see in Jammyman's Part II film. :D

Ice, Fleet Command
0 #4 Fxmkorp 2010-12-16 13:12
This events should be "really" added to the game I mean model real japanese airplanes and US fleets & Pearl Harbor & could be use to test future expansions in a small scale giving a tribute to the men who die and fought on the real war.
0 #3 merc88.87.86 2010-12-16 08:03
We had a big time, the wife was rear gunner and fired at anything that moved pass her window...Many giggles and a great event , as usual.

0 #2 Drumerdude 2010-12-15 14:20
Cool! I wish i coulda done it. But i have a request! You event organizers seem very good at these events, so PLEASE create Iwo Jima and Normandy Events?????
0 #1 oak123 2010-12-15 13:31
Can't believe I survived in a DD... after watching the video's i took several bombs being located right next to icetwp. Total mayhem!!
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