Pearl Harbor Special Event - Dec.11


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"December 7th, 1941 -- A date which will live in infamy"
You guessed it, it's that time of year again to make preparations for the 3rd annual Pearl Harbor Special Event. Grab you calendars and a big fat marker and circle the 11th of  December. Wind up you coo coo clock, your pocket watch, and set your alarm clocks for 8:00 pm GMT / 2:00pm CST.
JAMMYMANAs in the last two Pearl Harbor Events, we ask for feedback from those who participated in the event for ideas and suggestions to make the event better than the year before to increase the combat experienced by you the players. With feedback from you, were moving the event to another location that better represents Pearl Harbor and Ford Island that is not as large of combat area as last years location around the island in the channel between Hellevoetsluis and Cromstrijen.

The size of the fleet will remain the same as it did last year (78 ships), as we filled almost every ship in the event and had over 40 ships multi-crewed. We will also have an over flow fleet made up of transports and fairmiles if we fill those 78 designated ships. The numbers of Stukas will remain the same as last year (as many who sign up to fly them). But this year we are going to take it to another level and will add a "LIMITED" number of torpedo planes to the attacking force.

The torpedo planes, since they will be restricted in numbers, will be a lottery ticket for this event. Those who wish to fly a torpedo bomber will sign up for them in the Pearl Harbor thread, their names will be put into the pot, and on December 4th, the 20 players who names are drawn will be the pilots who will fly them into combat on December 11th at 8:00 pm GMT. Should we have some players not be able to make it and have one of the positions for the torpedo bombers, the rest of those who sign up to get a slot will have thier names drawn (when the 20 positions are drawn) and have a standby position based on the order they are drawn.

This year, we are going to try to add 2 more items to the event, American fighters and Japenese fighters (German fighters). Both of the class's of equipment will also be lottery items like the torpedo bombers and will be done the same way as the torpedo bombers. The Americans will get 12 fighters. They will have very specific rules that will they will be governed by. The Japanese will get 24 Fighters. They also will have very specific rules that they will be governed by as well. The specific rules fo each will be posted in the sign up thread in the special events forums.

We will see a rematch of side commanders from last years event. Icetwp has already requested the position for Fleet Commander and since he has commanded the fleet for the last two years I have placed him in command already. Greni has made it know that he would like some sweet revenge and lead the Japanese Air forces into battle again this year and lead his air crews to their 1st victory over the American forces.

Sign ups are now open and you can find the all the information in this thread "Pearl Harbor III"  in the special events forums. Last year we had over 250 players sign up for the event. So lets make this years event even better than the last two events. I'm hoping the addition of the torpedo bombers and fighters to this years event will add a little more excitement to the combat and be a little more historical in terms of what types of planes participated in on of the most historical days of warfare in history.

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