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Friday's Rat Chat was awesome! We had over a hundred people cycle through the chat, which extended beyond the regular hour mark because of the sheer volume of questions. I have 20 more that we didn't get to that I'll try to get answers for in the coming week.

The topic was 1.34 and what it will include. We covered the new Rapid Assault scenarios, changes to the live campaign game and other improvements coming with the 1.34 update. Your host was the lovely Motormouth, joined by the less lovely but no less charming Gophur, Rafter the Big Markiting Man and our resident Australian/Texan weapons expert, Doc.


0 #11 BBlackFire 2011-06-28 15:49
Seriously tell those boys you work with to go out and buy the same bloody kind of microphone you have. Every rat chat they sound like they are deep throating their mics!!!11!!1!!
0 #10 KIlowolf 2011-06-28 10:51
Keep it up rats. Thanks again for posting the MP3.
0 #9 Behemoth 2011-06-25 20:41
Can you post a recap of the RAT CHAT for the ones not able to make it
0 #8 emerux 2011-06-25 16:51
Sorry I missed it, does anyone have a link for the mp3 of the chat?

0 #7 hchris 2011-06-24 16:56
Please ask the following question for me:

Will we see more varied weapons/classes for the RA scenarios soon after 1.34 like the M1 Carbine, MG42, Stg44 etc (they weren't mentioned in the announcement)
0 #6 Easting 2011-06-23 10:23
Can I ask a few questions in advance? I can't make the chat :(

I'm very excited about the new low latency netcode. When can we expect this on the campaign server?

Can we please get a damage model audit for all AT/AAA weapons?

0 #5 zeppoli 2011-06-23 09:07
So.... Whats this for? what is the point of allowing US players to join in on this? I will be there for sure as motormouth probably knows.. I assume this is to hear concerns?
0 #4 Carolina 2011-06-23 02:42
Will the RAT CHAT be recorded so others can listen to what was asked and answered during the meeting? Others may want to listen to the meeting at a later time.
0 #3 R. Simone 2011-06-22 20:48
MOTORMOUTH mind if I just listen in? I think most of my questions will be asked anyway.
0 #2 Fesevoa 2011-06-22 16:17
Any chance at all that you'll re-add the regular $14.99 per month subscription? (Without the 6 month lock in!!) It's very difficult to convince my friends to join the game with $17.99 per month subscriptions. Lump sum payments are not easy.
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