Operation "Sea Lion" AAR

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And the Winner is ............................

We have a Draw ................... Due to a few Factors in the last 10 or 15 minutes of time on the clock.

Every ones a Winner in my Book ....... the Axis Captured Folkstone 1 hour and 50 minutes into the action. Just 10 minutes before the Allied Army units could make there next move, which by the way would have put Allied units into Lympne, one of the Axis Objectives.

After the Axis Established a Beachhead in Folkstone, the Axis Troops and Equipment poured into the town and then the Spectacular Ground Battle began and lasted for the remainder of the clock over 2 hours long. the Axis Almost had Lympne, they were Pressing hard and had many of the Flags Captured already. A movement over site cost them an extra Spawnable on the south end of Lympne or they would have Captured both Objectives. but the Allies, Down to iirc, 1 Depot left, Regrouped and liberated Lympne then set there sites on Folkstone. When the Cannon Fire signaling the End of the Special Event, the Axis were still clinging onto Folkstone and actualy had a Spawnable which they held till the Bell sounded. the Allied team could not Compete the Liberation and repel the Invading Axis Forces.
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