Sink the CinC!!! Thursday, Aug.19


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Allied soldiers, it's time to put your skills to the test! From 12:01am Thursday, August 19th until 11:59pm the Allied player who scores the most kills on GHC CinC "Vondoosh" wins an official WWIIOL:BE Tshirt.

Rumor has it that this salty dog prefers to paddle about in his KMS barge, affectionately nicknamed the "Ticking Timebomb" (by me). He also likes to spend time driving his tank erratically around the battlefield, hoping to lure Allied AT gunners out of ambush spots by presenting them a mouth-watering target.



The person who wins this shirt will have gloating rights like none other. They can claim the title of "Vondoosh Violator", the player who pwned one of our most hard-core players repeatedly in a 24 hour stretch. Think you're tough enough? Tougher than the man who played WWIIOL from his hospital bed hours after bypass surgery? Well then, get your ass in game and prove it!