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The plan to push WWII Online forward, to get that content we've always wanted and the "Road Plan" we issued not too long ago. To do so, we're going to need a concentrated effort, with some goals met, and a champion effort from you the fans of this awesome game.

To begin this segment, I'd like to state that the mission ahead of us IS possible, and achievable with a serious concentrated effort put forth by you the community enacted in short order. I state you the community, because every one of you have connections to 10+ gamers who may be genuinely interested in this game. By your word of mouth efforts, this will be a success.

TAKE ACTION NOW: It's important to take action now. Every hour moving forward is an opportunity to get a player into the game. Read the below example of how your efforts work and compound themselves by others following your example.


Use the Steam Greenlight Page as a selling tool!



The goal is to generate 4,500 new subscribers. Note that existing subscribers shifting to the "HERO" Builder plan will be counted as part of this process as well. This will be broken down into different phases to identify monumental achievements, in increments of 1,000.


For the first time, we will show you a progress "thermometer," which will indicate NEW subscribers, and NEW HERO BUILDERS. We will be updating this every other day. This is shown on the front page now.



This is our plan to maximize your efforts, it must not be the only effort!


E-mail Marketing Campaign

We'll be sending e-mails to our lists regarding all of these items below, we'll try to condense it as much as possible and provide links within the newsletters so people can quickly navigate to where they want to go.

Social Media

Our Social Media outlets will have the "Deal of the Day" offer listed in it. So make sure you "LIKE" us on our facebook page.

Welcome Back Soldier

We'll be sending out literally thousands of e-mails for previous subscribers to return to the game for free, under a premium account, for a limited time only. There will be a window of opportunity to take advantage of this, with some great offers to get them back on board. We should expect a very busy server population during this time. This will only help the effort, it should not viewed as the thing to wait for.

Community Events Schedule

For the next coming weeks we will have preset server events, intended to create a "population surge." These will be outstanding opportunities to get new and returning players in, as it will encompass the best of what WWII Online has to offer, large scale combined operations.


Bring the new guys to these, so they may witness the FULL SCALE of WWII Online!


Flash Sales (Offers)

We'll be modifying the sales & offers available for new & returning [currently inactive] subscribers during this WBS offer period.

Squad Planning

Squads should begin contacting former squad members via your mass e-mail section in your squad forums, old contact lists, phone numbers, facebook pages or direct contacts. It would also be good to assemble "Squad Nights" so you can have a show of force and generate a more exciting game night for your entire team. That will lead to higher retention and better game play for everyone.

*If a teamspeak channel is needed via our TS outlets, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. [Teamspeak Administrator]

Teamspeak 3 Servers


What happens when we "meet these goals?" 4,500 new subscribers (including HEROES) to our player base will work some tremendous wonders, and enable us to do much more.


In closing I'd like to re-iterate that this mission IS possible. It will require a "more than normal" aggressive posture on all parts to get this done, by not only pursuing current folks outside of the existing community, but to empress upon those who are currently in it to "up the ante," and become a HERO Builder -OR- to explain to those in green tags what they're missing out on with their limited account.

With that, we give you a big salute and a defined mission to execute. Here's what the plans are for WWII Online once the game has the appropriate increase in production staff, "ROAD MAP." We have so much more to do with WWII Online, and so much more content to offer. Let's go out there and do what's needed to get the job done, so that [these items] and more may become a reality.

The good news is, 1.35 [BETA] has a lot of great updates. Once we reach the required goals for more staff, releasing these items is the primary objective in a way that is structured and stable. In other words, because there is already dev work completed on 1.35, it will make it easier to get something sooner.


Everyone loves sheep, go get'em!

Recruit da Noobz!