River Rumble Ends in Axis Victory!

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It only took Axis forces around 24 hours to emerge victorious in 2011's River Rumble scenario. Congratulations! The spawn list will now be opened so all weapons are available to play. Try something new and expand your skill set!! We will reset to Campaign #70 on Monday morning.


The objective of this intermission was to fight over the Meuse River with . Victory was determined by who ever owns the most NAVAL TOWNS along the river.

Both sides had the same objective:

- There are 17 river towns that are predetermined by having a fairmile boat spawn in them
- The side that owns 9 or more of these towns by event end will be declared the winner
- Equipment will not be unlimited, but there will be more supply than a regular campaign example
- Supply timers will be very long so that while you have plenty of supply, losing it comes at a cost
- Supply timers can (and might be) adjusted to take into account how the difference plays out
- Event End will be reviewed after 24 hours, depending on how it plays out and the state of the current ownership at that time a victor shall be announced when the result is considered reasonably beyond question. IE: if you have less than 9 of the named towns at any point in time, you might still win if you can retake enough to gain 9 or more of them before we call the event

The 17 towns ended up 13 Axis and 4 Allied :

  • Grave - Axis victory
  • Nijmegen - Axis victory
  • Lent - Axis victory
  • Mook - Axis victory
  • Heijen - Axis victory
  • Well - Axis victory
  • Venlo - Axis victory
  • Roermond - Axis victory
  • Maastricht - Axis victory
  • Hasselt - Axis victory
  • Paal - Axis victory
  • Andenne - Axis victory
  • Namur - Allied victory
  • Vireaux - Allied victory
  • Sedan - Axis victory
  • Dun - Allied Victory
  • Verdun - Allied victory
0 #8 Doc 2011-05-24 12:37
We've had a few of "Battle of Britain" style events already and just didn't feel it was time for another one when other alternatives we haven't run exist. Of course, it's just a choice we have to make. Everyone wants something different.
0 #7 Hans ove heggen 2011-05-21 16:14
With Bloodhun23.We fight map every campaign.Battle of britain event would rock.In the air,see the channel n british land a bit to.
Maybe throw in some port-towns for Kriegsmarine/Army to def/att to get some army/navy action to.Thx for river figths.
0 #6 Hafgan 2011-05-21 15:41
Bloodhun: It's been done before.
0 #5 riverdog 2011-05-21 07:03
0 #4 Bloodhun23 2011-05-19 22:45
Many axis players would like a battle of britain scenario if at all possible in the future. Muse sounds good but we fight over it every map. Britain rarely sees action. Thanks for River Rumble though
0 #3 Xaos 2011-05-18 21:07
Sounds GREAT! I will def be attending and try to bring as many HC and Blitzkader members as I can. See you all there! 1+ S!
0 #2 saintJ 2011-05-18 16:39
Good idea. Simple objectives. Will work out great just as soon as axis loose the war ;)
0 #1 Sparre 2011-05-18 16:36
GO Kriegsmarine, GO!
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