Weekend Update: Campaign, Rat Chat, Player Operation!

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Today we're starting Campaign 108 and tomorrow (Saturday) we'll be having a Global Event created and led by the players along with a Rat Chat. In other words it's going to be a busy weekend!

Campaign 108 - Starts Today

As this is being written the team is preparing the server for Campaign status. This will require several scripts to be ran, a little house cleaning and then server staging (town ownership, HC deployments etc). The Spawn Delay settings will be at the same as Campaign 107 (no change).

Rat Chat: Talk with CRS on Teamspeak 3

This Saturday at 15:00 (3PM) Server Time we'll be meeting with players on the German Teamspeak Server to discuss the recent open beta release, progress being made and ways we can expand our efforts.

Teamspeak Information

The Rats are excited to meet up with you and discuss the improvements being made on all fronts. We hope to see you all there!

Global Operation: "Dual Siege"

"Sydney" has put forth a great effort in getting players on both sides prepared and ready for war this Saturday for a live event called, "Operation Dual Siege." Start time is at 14:00 (2PM) Server Time, which is US Central GMT -6.

Planning and event information located in this forum.

0 #1 Chyrenz 2014-12-12 10:57
Will there be a transcript of the Rat Chat for those who can't attend?
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