WWIIOL Battleground Europe Squad Challenge Series

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Hello Everyone, we have until Monday until we close the doors on signing up for the Squad Challenge. If your squad would like to join us for  Squad Challenge II, you need to sign up by Monday, March 1st at 12:00 EST to get in the competition.

We're ready to start the next segment of our Squad Challenge Series. This next segment will be a Combined Arms Challenge with Light Armor, ATG's, Infantry, and troop transports.

The mission has been planned. The equipment has been determined. The location has been set. The only thing we need now is your Squad. Sign up for the Squad Challenge and see if you have what it takes to win.

Leadership, communication, team work, and combat effectiveness is what sets you apart from other Squad and will be the key factors that will either make or break a Squad in the Challenge.

Can your Squad stack up to the others in the Challenge? Want to test your teams ability to fight in a realistic combat setting that you have only one life to live and your actions both individually and as a squad matter and can make or break your chance to win.

If you think your Squad is up for a Challenge, then visit the Special Events Forums and sign up and see how you fare competing against the othes. You can find the Squad Challenge Mission information and sign Up thread here.


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