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XOOMAs of now, Welcome Back Soldier has been activated - two days earlier than we had previously announced. More game time for our fans, who doesn't want that =)? This is probably the most significant celebration we've had to date, reaching 20 years of WWII Online. I'm calling for ALL players, past and present, to make this next week of WWII Online a positive and memorable experience in and out of game. Let's celebrate as we do, by logging in and populating the battlefield. Every single player in our database, past, present, unsubscribed, free to play, or Steam users, have 100% full access to the game from now - June 6th 2021. Download the game and start playing now (click here).

FIRST EVER - VIRTUAL CONVENTION: And of course, please sign up to the official virtual convention. June 5th will be discussing history and have guest speakers, and June 6th will focus on our plan for the future. We have some BIG NEWS to share, you really don't want to miss this. Convention details and sign ups located here.

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TMANThis coming Monday is Memorial Day.  A US holiday to remember the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.  In honor of this holiday weekend we are offering all players "all weapon access" starting this Friday night through Monday night (free players and returning veterans).  This should bring some more intense battles over the weekend!  Secondly we are fast approaching the 19th anniversary of WWII Online which is Saturday, June 6, 2020.  Yes, that's D-Day.  To celebrate we are holding a special event called "Operation Rapid Strike."  This operation will different from our most recent events to find out the details...

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We've got a great Rat Chat for you today, at 11AM Pacific (6PM GMT, 1PM Central, 2PM Eastern). You'll be briefed on upcoming development items through a presentation, including a more in-depth walkthrough of what those things mean. Additionally, we'll be taking several questions from you (the player base) once the presentation has concluded. Everyone is welcome to attend, this will be a very informative and exciting presentation. Please help us rally awareness and distribute the below link: 

Special note for 64-bit Mac users: Last night we released a small update to fix the screen resolution issue, you can download that here:  Mac Download (64bit)

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