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Attention all soldiers! On March 8th 2020 we will be hosting a live server event which is our fourth installment of, “Operation Fury.” Please sign up to which role you’d like to participate in for maximum cohesion. Allied and Axis forces can sign up in the Special Events Forum (here). This will be a CRS led event on both sides happening simultaneously and we expect ferocious fighting. Everyone is welcome to join, invite your squad mates and start signing up right away!

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Attention soldiers, airman and sailors of WWII Online! Start preparing for "Welcome Back Soldier" which kicks off on October 1st and will last through the 15th. All veteran players (previous premium subscribers) will be reactivated. We're calling for everyone to help spread the word and get players interested, starting NOW. Veteran players returning will simply need to login, and that's it. We look forward to your participation and invite everyone to come back to WWII Online and check out what's new to the game. For any account assistance, contact us at

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Join the RATS (Game Developers) for WWII Online game play this coming Sunday, November 24th 2019! We'll have RATS on both Allied and Axis, including Discord voice comms. For the event (only), ALL INFANTRY classes will be unlocked and available for play for Free Players (including Steam players), Premium users will also be able to access the Ammo Bearer and NCO class, and Hero Builders will be able to access the High Command Officer class. We expect this event to last between 3 and 4 hours, so set some quality time aside. We'll be tracking the number of RAT kills and the top 3 winners who have the most will be able to reactivate a friend for 1 month each.

Time Zones:

  • 10AM US Pacific (GMT -8)
  • 12PM US Central (GMT -6)
  • 1PM US Eastern (GMT -5)
  • 6PM GMT

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Today we've officially launched the 2019 Funding Campaign for WWII Online, which is designed to provide the game with an entirely new server facility, built from the ground up with all new efficiency in terms of performance and power. It also means we'll be transferring WWIIOL from Dallas TX --> Portland OR, where CRS HQ is located. We'll also be renewing some critical game development software, and upgrade our SpeedTree server development kit to the latest version, allowing us to have enhanced graphics for terrain objects.There's a lot more, please check the funding campaign below for a video presentation and a detailed written explanation of what more is to follow. This is a very important event in WWIIOL's history! WWII Online remains 100% community funded. Your support is greatly appreciated, and funding drives like these help us move mountains in terms of progress made.

WWII Online 2019 Funding Campaign (Click Here)

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