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On December 7th 1941, one of the most tragic events happened in the history of the United States. The Japaness bombed Pearl Harbor and sealed the fate of the United States into entering into World War II. On December 6th 2008, we are going to recreate this major event in World War II in Battleground Europe. Although we do not have the Americans in the game, we are going to use the ships and planes that we have modeled.

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Rat Chat #8 of 2008 will be held on Thursday, October 16th at 7pm-8pmCDT (GMT-5). It's been far too long since we've had a chat, so come join DOC for an hour or so with your questions about weapons dev and debugging. Please log into TeamSpeak early to reserve your spot.  Have your question ready!

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JAMMYMANAutumn is approaching fast for the northern half of the world and that means that the weather turns a little cooler and we find ourselves retreating to the warmth our our home and our P.S. friends and the games we play. October has 2 special events scheduled.  A naval mission on the 4th [correction], and a Air / flak mission on the 18th. Two weeks after that on November 1st, we have a combined arms re-creation (as best we can with the game mechanics and equipment in the game) of a WWII battle.

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