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It's time for us to come together with Squad Leaders and High Command Officers on both sides to discuss how we can create the best experience for all players in WWII Online. I'm calling for all Squad Leaders, HC Officers and Squad members throughout our entire community (Allied or Axis) who have a desire to improve their Squads, the cooperation between other fellow Squads, and those who wish to help grow their Squads via on boarding new community members, to join me directly for a planning meeting on Saturday, August 10th at 5PM Server Time. Continue reading to see action items. (EVENT REMINDER: This Sunday, August 4th at 12PM Server Time, the entire ARMY persona will be unlocked for everyone!)

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All Veteran players and new players signing up are about to receive FULL - PREMIUM ACCESS (for free) starting May 1st and running through May 15th. Now is the time to begin spreading the word, getting our veterans back into the forums and getting new players signed up ready to go in advance so they can have as smooth of a launch as possible. PREPARE FOR BATTLE - GET THE TROOPS FORMED UP! This will be the first welcome back soldier we have done in awhile and it will be the first with the all new "Hybrid Supply" system which is restoring old school WWII Online battles where attrition and supply truly matters. Reminder: This Sunday is a Rat Chat with Xoom (details for that here). Keep reading for more details on the WBS event launching May 1st!

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Allied and Axis High Command Teams are requesting ALL players to login this Sunday for their Spring Awakening Event! HC Officers will be in force as they attempt to push their opponents off the map! ALL players will have PREMIUM subscription access for the event (rank restrictions apply). Call your friends, squads, and even those "parachuting dogs" and get them in on this one!

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