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We're excited to bring back all of our fans to come back to the community and help us continue building this great game that has stood the test of time, with your help. Your account will be active from Sep. 26th - Oct. 18th.

Here are some quick links to get back in the fight:

For additional news and development you can have a quick glance to our development roadmap at NOW is the time to get behind Cornered Rat Software and help us continue to make game development history!

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We have a very special event for you tomorrow which will be bringing back some old school flavors. No mobile spawns, depot spawning, or FB's to the town's which have no brigade in them. That means lots of teamwork and increased challenges to be the VICTOR of this event.

Event starts Saturday at 12PM Server Time (GMT -6) and will go until Monday when we prepare for maintenance and Campaign 117. Full briefing and recon maps are inside, check in on our special event forum.


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