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XOOMHey everyone, this Sunday April 29th at 4PM Central time I invite you to join me for a round table / fire side type chat to answer your questions in real time by voice. I'll be on Allied Discord server, General Chat room. All players on both sides, veteran or new, are welcome. This will be an informal question and answer time, and I look forward to meeting you there. 

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Population is booming and the Campaign is healthy, WOOT! We're pretty slammed this week continuing to push the message about this month across many different sites and social media. Additionally we're getting ready for a huge influx of users to our site and game with our upcoming "Reddit - Ask Me Anything (AMA)" that is scheduled on June 6th, at 7PM EST.

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If you haven't heard by now the Cornered Rats are meeting in Dallas TX for an internal summit where we'll be planning the next few years of our future. On October 15th at 7PM Central we'll be meeting community members at the local Dave & Busters in a private meeting room, equipped with buffet, unlimited fountain drinks and a big screen TV / projector to go over some TOP SECRET stuff for those attending! We hope to see you there, please read more inside to get the specifics.

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WELCOME BACK SOLDIERS! Now that you're here there's a lot of information to catch back up on. This article gives you some quick information on events planned for June (in and out of game), and details about this whole celebration. We'll also give you some quick bullet point information about how things have improved over the last year and why many players are reinvested in the game and its potential.

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