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Congratulations to everyone for a good start to Campaign 106! It’s been a tough fight, but getting that cut in the south was a HUGE help for us! Stay focused and work as a team! Cooperation between Officers and playerbase have been good thus far! !S

AAR of the Week:

!S to darthmarty and slayer for their great work and effort on the map for our team! Seizing key towns such as Namur, Longwy, Longuyon, and Verdun really helped to shorten our lines and allowed us to push hard to the west!


Battlefield Readiness::

Officer recruitment has increased, and all branches are receiving new members into their ranks. Increased numbers in the Luftwaffe has ensured a competitive presence in the skies over the battlefield.



Branch Officer Report:: As your CinC, I have been spending a minimum of 90 minutes per day online and in game. Working 7 days a week with every third weekend off is not fun, but I will be spending as much of my free time as work and wife permit to help our team win!




Promotions and New Officers:


Senior Command


Slayer- Country CO




Nowl- 33ID XO

Thndrpig-33ID XXO

Coastal- 3.2 XO

Vanhefty- 3PZD XO

Markdv- 3.2XXO





RWS will serve as 53.Kg II.(St.G.2) Command XO

Chyrenz will serve as 53.Kg I. (St.G.2) Command XO





poogie– KM CO


rhogan- KM XO


Reserve Corps






WStriker , Axis CinC

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Campaign 105 has just concluded with an Allied victory. We've planned an intermission which will last through the weekend focused on a Battle of Britain with a twist in southern France. Americans will be in play and we've opened up some additional access this weekend for both our Free Play and Starter customers.

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Salute Soldiers! We've come a long way from our last Rat Chat and it's time to connect with the community and inform you of progress made, and the progress to be made. This is a great opportunity to learn what's going on straight from the source, we hope to see as many of you at the chat with us!

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