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Thanks to everyone who came out last night to discuss the new Ragdoll and Rain features that are part of "1.31: SUPERPATCH!"

RAFTER and GOPHUR had their hands full with some well thought out questions. Heck, even I learned a thing or two, so that's cool!

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A million thanks to everyone who helped us get this event going, special shout outs go to Icetwp for his meticulous planning of the event. I'd also like to extend a heartfelt HUZZAH! to Desouzaj, Vondoosh, Z1232 and all the flyboys from the JG51. S! If I've forgotten to mention anyone, I apologize, I was too busy sinking to take proper notes.  I'm declaring a CRS victory since KILLER managed to limp his 1934 class Zerstorer into Oostende port before being finished off by a barrage of shelling from shore defenses and an enemy flotilla.

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Last night we kicked off the re-launch of Playnets "Adopt-A-Rat" program thanks to the 1775th squad.  Squad C.O.Ezrelay and his merry band of loons invited any and all Rats to join their ranks for an evening of gaming.  He did a great job of getting the word out and, due to his rigorous email campaign, several long-absent members of the 1775th decided to sign back up to play. Salute to you and your great squad, sir!  If you'd like to have the RATS join your and your buddies for an evening, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a note with some details on your squad, and why you'd like us to fight alongside you.

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