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CODE RED!!!! All hands prepare for WAR!!!! The High Commands on both sides will be launching massive operations Friday evening. Based on the information I have seen, this is setting up to be one of the largest online battles in years. Look at the secured forums for your side for more information. If you have not returned, and are waiting for a personal invite, well I am inviting you to come give the game a try. You will love it. The 9.99 special expires soon for the WBS players. Now is the time to support the development of the game and save money. The community lost another great member. The recording of the Rat Chat is published.

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XOOMWe're calling all VETS back to WWII Online as we prepare for the kick-off of Campaign 111. All currently inactive premium accounts will be activated for TWO weeks, free players will receive extensive unlocks (as will our starter accounts). We'll also be hosting a major live event and we want YOU ALL to have a great time in-game with old friends and the new 1.34.10 patch release.

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