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An historic milestone has been reached in WWIIOL: Battleground Europe. Player CESKA has logged the first 100,000 kill score!

Ceska has been an online gamer since 1996, logging countless hours first in Warbirds, hooking up with the infamous creators of FPO, the Icebreakers. He signed up to WWIIOL on June 25th 2002 and began his killing spree in the air but soon decided that infantry was the place to be...

"The number of kills is not the most important thing, but destruction of the enemy is. This is a game, I want to have fun, and every time an EI falls down, I have succeeded; that EI won't take our flags or kill our ATGs. Of course, the EI come again, so I fire again=) never give up."

Congratulations, CESKA!

A commemorative decal is currently being designed for any player who reaches the 100k kill mark. Keep an eye out in an upcoming newsletter for the final product.