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We're always happy to shine the spotlight on players or squads, especially when they're as passionate about the game and their teammates as the members of the 1775th RDF.  Not only have they taken up collections to help fellow squadmates and gathered an inventory of spare computer parts to keep buddies on-line, they are now working on establishing a scholarship fund to allow hard working, financially strapped students continue to keep their WWIIOL:BE subscriptions active.

Definitely not your average bunch of gamers. Keep up the great work, 1775th!

1775th Rapid Deployment Force
It’s Not Just A Game Anymore

The 1775th was founded by jpman and dep159 several years ago. A couple of real life army buddies who had their own ideas about how a squad should operate. Like most squad leaders, jpman and dep159 believed in values like honor, teamwork, brotherhood, commitment and respect. What set them apart from the rest however was that their primary goal was to make sure that every member of the squad was having fun regardless of whether we won or lost the battle. It was this philosophy that caused the squad to quickly grow in size and popularity within the AXIS community. With this popularity came the responsibility of having to continually give the members a reason to log in and be involved. So with the help of many squad mates 1775rdf.com was born. We had our own website and we were officially on the WWIIOnline map.

1775rdf.com is the home of our squad forums which is where we do most of our planning and communication. With links to our own private teamspeak server, our own 1775th store (where you can purchase anything from a 1775th coffee cup and mouse pad, to your very own 1775th G-string or Tee shirt.), links to the BE training server, live server, CS&R and a map of the current front lines.

To further keep our members motivated, we came up with an award system which consists of campaign and career medals, ribbons for individual vehicle stats per campaign and finally the highly coveted Merit Ribbons which are only given to a player when they are nominated by their peers for outstanding performance.

The results of all of this hard work were amazing. As a squad we began to work very well together. With our award system and website intact, our members felt as though they not only had a common goal on the battlefield, they also had personal goals to achieve so that they could earn the medals and ribbons to wear proudly in their signatures. The pride they took in what we were doing on the battlefield continued to make the squad stronger. Our goal was accomplished. We had created a squad that was respected by the community not only for our ability to dominate our enemy in battle, but for the way we conducted ourselves with honor and integrity while doing so. These results were exactly what we expected and they remain the results that are expected of us from the AXIS community still today.

Up to this point you have read a brief history of the foundation on which the 1775th stands. You have read about expectations and the results of those expectations on the battlefield. To most this might sound like a success story that any squad CO should be proud of and you can rest assured that I am proud. I know I can speak for jpman and dep159 when I say that they would be proud of what they have created as well. To the members of the 1775th, this isn’t just a game anymore. We have watched some of our members grow from children to men. We have helped each other financially when times are a bit difficult. One of our NCOs’, dukk is putting together an inventory list of extra computer parts that he has to help anyone who might have computer issues and don’t have the means to pay for the repairs. We have watched some of our members’ families grow as they bring children of their own into the world. We have been a shoulder to cry on when family members are tragically lost. We have seen members shipped off to real wars with real bullets where you can't respawn after you've been hit.

We are currently working on establishing a 1775th scholarship fund that will help fund High School and College students who might fall short on their Battle Ground Accounts. If all requirements are met (maintianing great grades), players will be able to apply for in game assistance. We are family here and we want all our members/players to remain active as possible. Hopefully this will grow and lead to further tuition and school supplies for the children of our squad mates and possibly, with the consent of CRS, the children of or even players themselves in the BE community who need assistance with any of their scholastic requirements.

Several of us have met at squad mini conventions across the U.S. From San Francisco, to Las Vegas, to Philadelphia and Washington D.C. and Atlanta. Many of us have become friends outside of BE which is one result none of us expected but it’s one that we are most proud of. So when you see the 1775th on the battlefield I hope you look at us a little differently than you did before because like I said, to us it’s not just a game anymore.

John Heimann
1775th Rapid Deployment Force
Commanding Officer

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