A Farewell and a Thanks


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MOTORMOUTHCornered Rat Software and Playnet are extremely grateful for the volunteer work of so many members of our community.  And we hate that sometimes they have to move on. But they go with our thanks for a job extremely well done.


TripleH has been maintaining the official AHC/GHC Teamspeak Server for about 3 years, putting in many many hours and gathering donations to ensure it's continued operation. He began by helping out Fuze by running the back up server, eventually hosting them on his own server.

TripleH has been a WWIIOL member since 2001, having been introduced to the game by friends from the flight sim "Fighter Ace". His favorite thing about WWIIOL, he says "is the fact you can control all aspects of the equipment, you are the commander of a tank or a 88 or bofors you do not have to rely on someone else to fire at the enemy". He says that he has "learned that there are some outstanding people out in the gaming world and have also learned that the RATS do listen to the players base and do their own research to validate eqipment".

Thank you so much, TripleH!


BLOOIt is with deep regret that I inform you that Gnasche is leaving his official Rat role as a support assistant.

A couple of years ago, we recruited Gnasche to help us support customers more directly.  He had long been a very active member of the PC Support Crew, helping other players in the Community Support forum and even creating his own support pages.  We made that more official to help ease the burden on me.

Conveniences in work hours made every one of my mornings better (I do have other important tasks that are not support).  In the wee hours of the morning, like the elves* who helped the cobbler, Gnasche had taken care of many of issues, enabling me to get a better start on the day - to say nothing of helping customers fix their lan settings, recover their account, realize that these "driver" things sometimes need "updating," and other issues much scarier and trickier than that.

Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for him, Gnasche has moved on to a different work schedule and a different job that does not allow him to continue helping us directly.  Gnasche's help will be dearly missed, but we wish him only the best

Thanks, Gnasche.

* I don't think he's an elf, but he does look awful young for one so capable.