German Community Holds Special Kill-A-Rat Paintball Event


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On August 8th, 2008, our German Public Relations liaison Frank "GRENI" Tiedemann hosted a paintball tournament near Berlin.  GRENI not only hosted the event but was the principal target!  After a weekend of inclement weather, uninvited 8 legged tent-mates and near emasculating paintball hits, five players walked away with the coveted "I Killed A Rat" T-shirts.



Pictured from left: Rendekin , Jocker , Wuff , GRENI (kneeling) Ahun & Hofnarr

"The man in the middle is our Wuff , he is 76 years old ,very active member of the German speaking community and he got his shirt for free.  We already plan this kind of event for the next year at the moment , because it was very funny and we would like to do it again."

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