Axis Secrets Revealed!


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Ask any seasoned WWIIOL:BE player on either side how to win a map and you'll receive an infinite variety of answers: Play as a team, ninja cap, use tried and tested tactics, use new and innovative tactics, CAS, tank columns, bomb factories first, bomb factories last, steal their sheep...Every player has their own winning strategy.  But a casual browsing of the forums has revealed a disturbing new tactic being put into play by those dastardly Axis players...


A beer for every city capped??!!! What evil genius came up with this idea? Hofnarr....I'm looking at you, you magnificent bastard!

Do you have any WWIIOL traditions that you partake in? Do you buy a new hat? Print out a fresh new map? Burn the underwear you used for the previous campaign? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.