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I thought that some of you would like to get a more inside look at the two people that are in the top positions overseeing the High Commands- The Commanders in Chief of the Allied forces, "Wolfxx" and Axis forces, "Kms".  Read the interviews and find out who is a state champion turkey caller and other interesting tidbits. Some of you may wish to pursue a virtual career up the Battleground Europe Chain of Command.  If this interests you, click to join the ALLIED or AXIS High Command.  Enjoy the interviews!

KMS, Axis Commander in Chief:

What is it about WWIIOL that keeps you playing with such devotion?
The community, the challenge and the fun when it all comes together and works as planned

What is the most valuable lesson you ve learned as CINC?
Three things: Diplomacy, diplomacy and diplomacy. I love the challenge of getting such a diverse range of personalities, cultures and languages to work together.

How many years have you been gaming and how many playing WWIIOL:BE?
9 years and 10 months in multiplayer online gaming. Seven years with WWIIOL.

What other games do you like to play?
Fighter Ace, Trukz

How much time do you spend gaming?
Way way too much :) at least 3-4 hours a day which is split between administrative work as CinC and throwing bullets at the Allies.

What do you do for a living in real life?
I manage a fleet of 67 Peterbilt trucks, some 966G Cat loaders and 2 Powerscreen machines that make sand, I run the repair shop and parts department, turn wrenches and interface with the dispatch department.

What do you think of BE from what it was [then] to what it is now?
Wow.. when I think back to the days when we had almost no bushes, pockets of forest and no mobile spawns, I wonder how we ever took a town. We are light years beyond that now which has increased the immersion level immensely.

What is your favorite piece of equipment?

Where do you like to playing on the map the most?
I love the mountains and valleys in the east although I'd rather not see much of them, I always get a sense of excitement in the western towns but I think it's a Pavlovian reaction, it means a win is coming.

How did you find Battleground Europe?
It found me :)  I first saw news of it in the Fighter Ace forum, there was a buzz about a new WW2 game and the teaser video that was released had me hooked before I ever touched the software.

What is something that know one knows about you?
Wow thats a tough one, I'm an open type of guy, I say whats on my mind...but there is 1 ironic thing, I am scared to death of heights but I love to fly, maybe thats why I do it in online games, kind of a Walter Mitty type thing, I get to experience my passion in a safe way.

When you retire from CinC position what are you going to do next?
I'd like to try the GM department, I have a strong sense of fairplay, a good sense of humor and have been doing that kind of work for another game for almost 10 years.

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