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Wolfxx, Allied Commander in Chief:

What is it about WWIIOL that keeps you playing with such devotion? 
The interaction with players from many diverse cultures and walks of life combined with the very complexity of this game and the multi aspects of wwii play that are available within the game.  There are games which focus on ground play, or specifically air play, but by far Battleground Europe overshadows them all with the ability to choose any or all aspects and have full enjoyment while fighting along with other players.

What is the most valuable lesson you've learned as CINC? 
That all that appears to be evident and true is not always the reality of the facts.  We must be flexible to adapt and uderstand this to be effective in carrying out the requirements of the position of CinC.

How many years have you played Battleground Europe?
Over 6 1/2 years. I  started about 6 months after game opened due to inefficient PC at the time it started.

How many years have you been gaming?
13 years of online gaming (3 years in past as senior GM for AW3)

What other games do you like to play? 
I have spent short stints trying others but at this time I am committed to BE

How much time do you spend gaming? 
[It] varies but average 2-3 hours weekdays and longer on weekends as possible actual in game time.   Presently I also spend about 2+ hours daily doing out of game duties.   Total on average is about 4+ hours game related daily.

What do you do for a living in real life? 
Contract aircraft mechanic, most recently in Denver working on medical support helicopters

What do you think of BE from what it was [then] to what it is now? 
Amazing!!!   The graphics, the gameplay, and the interaction at all levels for the players has progressed way beyond anything I would have imagined 6 years ago.

What is your favorite piece of equipment? 
Sapper by all means.   Nothing is more satisfying to me than working out behind the enemy armor and destroying as much as possible to make the armor threat minimal as possible on defenses.

Where do you like to playing on the map the most? 
Anywhere......just give me some enemy to fight and I'll be there!

How did you find Battleground Europe? 
I was a player in Air Warrior and when it became announced that it was shutting down squaddies of mine at that time started looking for new games that would interest our squad and searches of the internet came upon wwiionline and we were soon hooked.

What is something that know one knows about you? 
Hmmmm, tough question.  Probably the least known fact about me is that I spent almost 10 years as a professional game caller and entered many contests nationwide.  I have been the state champion turkey caller in OK and KS before and have called in over a dozen states.   I have also been the champion Owl hooter in a few states and have placed in a couple Duck calling contests.  I absolutely love the outdoors and the ability to interact with the animals through calling even if only with a camera in my hands.

When you retire from CinC position what are you going to do next? 
Continue supporting the game from whatever positions I can and spend alot more time actually involving myself again with my squadmates and with my friends I have made within the game.


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