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Player conventions are already starting for 2009, and our Finnish brothers are the first of the year, despite the -20C temperatures!  I think it's safe to say that paintball won't be on their agenda this year.
Ferdi, the CO of Susipartio, has organised a player convention/LAN meet that will run from January 22nd to the 25th in Oulu, Finland.

Read on for more information. If you're organizing a meet, please email me the details so we can make sure the word gets out (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

SusiparitoVector (suomen verkkopeliyhdistys Ry) - Finnish netgaming Society arranges 14th yearly LAN meet the "Minirama XIV" 22.-25.1.2009 In Oulu, Finland.

Our squad Susipartio, has participated in this LAN meet for a long time now. Our squad has 100 members, give or take a few. We currently affiliate with 33ID 2KG. We keep channel 94 tuned, you can contact us there when in game. You can also contact us on our forums, or IRCnet #susipartio.

Our chain of command is:
CO Ferdi
XO Purkaja
XXO Scharfyr

Our squad principle is to keep keep gaming fun. Even the fight is hard ingame and maybe in forums too, you have to always remember that the most fun online gaming is with friends. We have squadnight fridays, but our playerbase is online almost 24/7 since we have many people are working 3-shift jobs.

The Minirama, what we are participating is small meet, only 35 computer positions. As one main goal of the LAN is to familiarise people with new games. There are usually from 2 to 5 new games, that we play as groups, inside the LAN. This way we have been getting some new faces to join battle for europe.(I for example am victim of Minirama recruiting). For few years we have arranged one or two smaller operations during LAN in Battleground Europe main server.

Unfortunately, this years meet is already fully booked and there is long list of people waiting for cancel positions.

There are, of course, some activities outside of virtual world too. Those activities are mostly indoors, since this time of year, temperatures tend to be below -20 Celcius.

Some familiar names joining me there...

"Skambug", if you don't see him online, he propably is at dancemat competing (Skambug has two left legs, there are a few videos as proof).
"Toukoman" will be giving his free flying lessons(Sorry, you have to be there, no teamspeak attendance)
"Sivari", unless he is camping in the sauna.
Maybe we'll see "Rallakka", "Naim" "Keppana" and "Kippari" there too.

So you might wanna keep your eyes open for few LW sweeps, there might be suprise coming your way, when Touko's padawans start flying over AO...

CO Susipartio

P.S. If you missed this and still want to join, Vector arranges another, bigger LAN meet during summer. You can find info from

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