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EuroCon 2009, Hotel Huize Damiaan, The Netherlands.
For the 10th time the 1st.ROF Dutch squadron has planned another WWII (flight)sim enthusiasts convention in The Netherlands this year! Due to time schedules we were forced to switch to a new location. We had a major challenge finding a place that suits our needs, but we did it!

A new location near Maastricht (Simpelveld), that looks just great for 4 days of fun. It's the 10th edition this year, so in that case we have another thing to celebrate then.  The bar is open!

The conroom is staged in a beautiful party room in an old monastery. Yep, this time not in a chapel but very close! Huize Damiaan is situated in a small town called Simpelveld near Maastricht. The train station Heerlen is near, and if you're able to arrange a flight to Maastricht Aachen Airport you're almost in! The Orange dweebs of the 1st.ROF No.322 RAF Squadron are responsible for severe hangovers.

A bit of history: Its so much fun to organise this all for you. Years ago, in 1999 we organised a small con with another WarBirds squadron; JG3 'Udet' in a hotel in Apeldoorn. After that meeting, which was so much fun, we got hooked. So the next year we thought it would be great to invite more people as our guests and not just from WarBirds, but from Aces High as well. The past years most of us play many games and are citizens of other communities too, but... because we felt that no matter what game we play, we all share a passion for WWII aviation and air-combat. This 'thing' we have in common is beyond the game we play. And there's nothing more enjoyable than meet your virtual friends from the past and present face to face...

It's for the 10th time (yes we did it!) in a row that the 1st.ROF Dutch squadron organises the Euro-Convention. In past years we had guys playing WarBirds, IL2, Aces High and WW2OL. This year we will drink and chat four long days and short nights filled with playing, discussing games, advanced combat maneouvres; with one hand in the air visualising that killer-ace move and a beer in the other.

Who are the morons of the 1st.ROF?

The EuroCon Crew
In random order:
  • Marc "Flower" Bloemhoff (financials, master caller)
  • Rob "Speijk" Loef (network)
  • Axe "Bijl" de Jong (network)
  • Sjef "Postme" Postelmans (electric ops)
  • Daniel "Zepher" Brinckmann (movie officer)
  • Ramon "Sweepy" Milzink (picture officer)
  • Stephan "Stevie" Soolsma (webmaster, and inverted officer)
  • Jan "Lapwin" Veninga (VIP, founder and master caller)

- Marc "Flower" Bloemhoff

We are always happy to hear about player organized conventions. If you've got one in the works, send all the details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to be published on the website and to arrange for some goodies to give away to attendees. - MOTORMOUTH

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