Player Donates Prize to Red Cross


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At the end of our Christmas 2008 promotion period we handed out prizes to our lucky winners.  Kevin "Antik" Scott's name was drawn as the winner of a brand new 22" Widescreen Acer monitor.  Being that he is in Australia and we are in the US, we had some difficulty completing a transaction due to various factors (e-commerce has it's limitations, it seems!). 

When I contacted Antik to try to arrange something, this was his reply:

"Is it possible that the funds could go to the Red Cross for the recent bush fires which decimated the areas around me.
 If it were possible for your company to do that, I can do without the monitor if you good people there are happy to divert the funds to the Red Cross.

I await your reply,
Kevin Scott"

Cornered Rat Software has happily donated the $200 in your name, Antik.  Thank you for your generosity and selflessness.