"Your biggest screw up in-game"


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So I started reading this thread in the Barracks, and it had me laughing so much I wanted to share it with the whole community. There are some particularly cringe inducing moments, like Anfiach unloading 2 MG clips into an opel before realizing he had switched to Axis for that map (something I've done on numerous occasions), or Medic18's headphone issues:

"I think the most Stoopid thing I did, was playing the first TWO WEEKS with my head phones in the wrong ears. Since I was a NOOB, and only had a rifle I would run away from tanks every time I heard them, only because of the headphone thing I was actually running toward them. I guess what makes it the most stupid is that it took me TWO weeks to figure it out."

Inchfan's beer saving the day for the Axis:

"Sneaking up on an AB in the old days, 7-8 of us in an "Irene" cap.  All hiding in grass outside AB while 1 CP got contested... Ten minutes of silence and stealth as ei spawned and started running all around. Us being the super ninja types all huddled quietly is our hiding spots. As ei recapped CP #1 we were capping CP #2 to keep the clock running.  As we clicked down the minutes waiting for the bunker rush... 6...... 5......4...... etc. More and more ei running around town looking for us. Shhhh was the order.
Grabbing my beer, I bumped the mouse. "CRACK" a shot rang out.
Within seconds we all were dead."

More headphone issues from Panda1k:

"I had purchased a headset...they had good bass feedback, great for hearing or "feeling" ei around you. I was on a sapper mission defending my some town, I ran out about 1km to wait for ET's. It was so quiet and pitch black I decided to just sit and wait in a berm with my sound maxed out.

Well what I didn't know was that there was a 88 sharing a berm with me and decided to fire a round into town.

Soda everywhere... :("

And something I've done too, Gunnie:

"My squad and I boarded a plane for a pretty big para-op. We're about halfway to the DZ when my CO asks me to relay his orders from Teamspeak to the text squad chat in game. So I'm typing away. My CO has a lot to say so I'm flying through the keyboard trying to keep up. I was going too fast for my own good--at one point, I forgot to press F4 for squad chat. The next thing I know, I'm jumping out of the plane and hilarity ensues with my squaddies. I just jumped over literally the middle of nowhere. Not a town within 10km of me. Ever since, I've remapped my jump key to Ctrl+\."

The Motto of this story kids?

You're never too old to act like a noob!