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The 10th anniversary of the WWIIOL:Battleground Europe launch is coming up soon. Hard to believe that not only has our game survived the storms to last a full decade, but that there's also a huge list of players who have weathered those storms alongside us. While more and more MMO's shut down their servers, WWIIOL is still evolving and providing a hard-core gaming experience for it's players.
It's no secret that WWIIOL had a rough launch. But right from the start it grabbed players and hooked them with it's unique approach to online war gaming and one of the strongest online communities around. Some of our players literally grew up with this game. Silver Builder "denw2o", who started playing when he was in high school, graduated from law school this month. We've had young pups who started playing war in their early teens go off and fight in real wars overseas. Kinda freaky, isn't it?

I asked some of our Day 1 players to share their memories and thoughts at WWIIOL.

Q: How long had you been waiting for WWIIOL to release?

Gfm50: I had been waiting for WWIIOL's release for about a year. I saw a blurb about it on a PC gamer magazine website and I was hooked right there and then.

Hammered: Must have been at least a year. It felt like forever. I remember the forums and the beta sign up and constantly checking to see if there was new information about the game. Going to the Rat chats and chatting with the devs about e.g. AI fire engines. The game idea sounded worlds apart from anything currently on the market so I was really hooked from the very first site visit.

Lithu: I remember reading a article about the game and thinking this would be a great substitution for Air Warrior! I have to admit, you guys hyped the game that every Nerdling WW2 fan ever wanted. A full combined theater, 24 hours a day...all gunning for each others head...SOLD! Well, I guess I didn't actually answer the question, so I have to go with "soon"?

: About 5 or 6 months cause I was playing Panzer Elite at the time with a squad called Kellys Heroes (Thats where the kh from khsolo comes from) and a guy named Clay told us about this game, when I first looked into it it was exactly the game I was looking for cause I came out from 6 years playing Red Baron 3D and about 2 playing first person shooters (Duke Nukem 3D and Doom) and also playing Silent Service and Gato and Battle of the Atlantic so I had experience playing every aspect of the game, air, ground (tanks and infantry) and naval and for the longest time I expected someone to pull a game where everything was combined.

Q: What were your first impressions of that day?

Oswald: My first impressions were thank goodness there's a new style of game! No more Quake/Duke Nukem HP bar crap!

Lithu: It was as if I had entered a symphony of chaotic nonsense! Barely anyone knew WTF they were doing.

Airmessy: Hook line and sinker I was completely hooked and not going anywhere for a while.

Khsolo: I was hooked, it was everything I wanted into one game, air, ground and naval game, still to this day there is no game like it.

Raus: I couldn't decide which of the four servers to log into. But after I finally decided I was impressed that there was a lot of people playing, and even somewhat organized too, but the flying tanks and falling through the ground was a pain in the ***. (Looking back now, knowing what I know, I'm surprised Doc, Rafter, et al didn't all just commit ritual hara kiri after those first few days!)

Q: What was your favorite memory from your first day in game?

Yello1: Starting the program the first time on Day 1, heck getting out of bed thinking it was launch Day. Such anticipation, haven't had it with any other game to date. My Dream game was on that box. Still is.

Eigenman: Spawning in and getting camped by a char I think. Not sure it was my favorite. To get my first fav mem would have to go a week or 2 into the game when it finally worked enough. Driving a Panzer to the top of Dinant cliffs and firing down, then falling off the cliff to my death.

Khsolo: I came driving to the top of a hill and as I was topping it some guy in a panzer3 came straight at me from like 20 mts from the other side of the hill, I was like "craaaaaaaaapppppp, wtf???" so I stopped and we both shot each other at about the same time, in 2 hits I was dead but I remember that like it was just this morning

Bmbm: Establishing BARCAP over Bertrix 20 minutes after the server opened.

Lexfire: Would have to be the excitement of the players who did get in game...and of course the forums ..LOL boy was they lit up.

Airmessy: Very shortly after launch we attacked a town with about 7 inf, Was airborg, kfs a few squadys and alliance (<-- was leading us) attacked a town and once it was time we rushed the bunker, the rest died rushing the bunker but killed all the ei,I lived and they was shouting on ts for me to cap the bunker. Took me about 15 secs to find it as I looked upstairs for the "table" they said I should touch, finally found it downstairs and capped the bunker. I was god for a week or so after.

Q: What keeps you here ten years on?

Yello1: The competition, and the scope of its context, the excitement and challenge that provides. Other games I have to quit because I start getting tired and nodding off. WWIIOL keeps me awake till its time to go to work.

Eigenman: Size and complexity of the game. The intended physics model is the right course... Still there is no better PvP game that gets as many people playing at once as this one. That's the key. I don't know of any other game that claims to handle as many simultaneous players as this one does without zoning or turn based BS. It's a skillful game. You have to be good.

Gfm50: I post on OT and do not play the game anymore, but this is due to time constraints. What kept me playing for 7 years? My love of the realism, the adrenalin of being part of a huge battle, the unique gaming opportunity to command large formations of troops, the hope that there would eventually be a naval game, and the comradeship that you formed with other long-time players.

Hammered: The premise of the game and idea that with technology it can only get better. I'd grew up playing against AI in various other games and quickly lost interest but with wwiionline it's player vs player and just vastly superior. You keep coming back because you want to kill the guy that just beat the pants out of you previously. Plus with all the different services and updates to the game over the years its very hard to not get bored with all the different units available to play/master. And of course this makes for some great squad vs squad action or the ability for anyone to take the initiative and lead in that days battle so to speak if they want, which is the biggest challenge imho.

Lexfire: First off would have to be my squad, been here since day 1 and they are like an online group of brothers....second would have to be the game itself and seeing how it is growing and improving, I just don't want to miss anything, and lastly would have to honestly be the community we have , you cant beat the maturity of these gamers and how many of them express themselves to not only offer ideas but also reachout and encourage teamwork within the game...There Is No Other Game Like This Period.

Bmbm: The reason is pretty simple: there is no game like this, that combines realistic all arms combat in a theoretically unlimited world, in a bitterly combative environment pretty much devoid of AI and NPCs.

Airmessy: The teamwork, if you can find a squad that play in a team regularly, in the same persona as you there is nothing like it out there. Cod battlefield (inc bfdc2) does not come close to the teamwork, communication, coordination and feeling of comradely as this game. I even sold my top 100 in the world char (for over £900) in wow after almost 5 years of playing to come back to wwiionline.

: This game has no substitute.

I doubt there are many gaming companies who can claim such a devoted and supportive community of players as WWIIOL:BE. Thanks for sticking with us. Thanks for pushing us. We've got some great improvements and additions coming that promise to make this 10th year of gaming with us one of your most exciting.


0 #24 LVT 2011-06-10 10:14
I remember the Char was the tank. Killed everything in one hit. Would not die.
0 #23 Ripper 2011-06-06 14:04
I loved the late night opel cap runs with Ring!
Launch day I helped defend Vireaux with a bunch of other axis players, it was a epic fight and cemented Vireaux as my personal favorite town in WW2Ol.

PI24 S!
0 #22 Slaterat 2011-06-05 22:39
I had to wait an extra week before Blitzkreig was available in Canada, but after the first night of organized chaos I was hooked infantry, trucks , planes strafing the original Spit with the pilot wow !!!

0 #21 eighty2 2011-06-05 19:09
Things I remember:

ai tanks
elevated roads that were REALLY difficult to stay on while driving fast in an a13 and trying to chat.
sticky grenades
invisible holes to China
0 #20 Kr0nik 2011-06-04 16:54
indeed, its too bad scoring is still a Krpshoot after all these yrs of smoke and burning hulks, IMHO its getting worse not better

join date apr 01
0 #19 Ring 2011-06-04 09:44
Ya... Tell me about it hathcock... :)
I remember the late night 10 city caps Opel runs :P

Cheesy, but fun
0 #18 nrwo 2011-06-03 20:58
I remember buying this game the first week it was out, still have the box. It was so awful and my computer was so crap I quit after a few tries. It has come a long way, but allied is still EZMODE. : )
0 #17 Turin 2011-06-03 18:59
I remember driving to Bedford Texas to see a live demo of WWII Online and specifically to get in to the closed beta program. The first capturing system had players capping the "HMH" or Happy Monkey Heads. Yes, they were actually monkey head statues.
0 #16 deitz 2011-06-03 18:03
2001i bought a new game,finally a ww2 style first person game with tanks artillary airplanes and ship all had single pixel bushes and tanks, and grenades that went off whether you threw them or not lol
0 #15 MjrBludd 2011-06-02 09:54
Playing in those early battles with my friend Playah around Dinant/Spontin/Anhee,solo capping entire towns; that was some fun. SG!

The game has come a very long way since day 1. May the next ten years be as great as the first ten have been.

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