To the victor go the spoils


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Congratulations go out to both CinCs on a hard fought Campaign #53. Both Alphie and Shad0w64 worked their butts off to ensure the players had a fun and well planned campaign.  But, as in most things in life, there can be only one winner. After 36 days of planning, strategizing and exemplary leadership, Axis CinC Alphie emerged as the victorious leader. And, as we all know, to the victor go the spoils! In this case, a chocolatey, frosty, sugary mass of German chocolate cake.

I came home from a rather long and stressful day today and the wife had made me a victory cake! German chocolate of course!

Here is me and my son, flashin' the numbah one victory signs, cake in background...

I think this pic says it all, Axis number one!!! WoOT! LOL

P.S. I think my wife is more happy about this than I am, she gets me back! Im going to be in honeydoo hell for a while... Thank you CRS!!!1111 uggghhh

Alphie, Axis CinC

I hope that Mrs.Shad0w64 at least rewarded your Allied Cinc with a sympathy foot rub.

Good work to both of you. CRS and the entire WWIIOL:BE player base owes you and all your predecessors a huge debt of gratitude for taking on the role of CinC and keeping this game fun, dynamic and challenging as ever. It's be a tough job but as you can see, the rewards can be worth it.