Volunteer Profile: Smokeeye and your Forum Moderators


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WWIIOL:BE is known for its great community and sometimes over-the-top forum activity. While most of our users post to stay within our Terms of Service there are always those that live to push the boundaries.

This is were your Forum Moderators come into action. They are lurking in the shadows, seeing everything you post and striking when the time is right! Swift and ruthless, they all contribute to a greater user experience for all and ensure the enjoyment of our forums.




SMOKEEYE is a well known member of this community that have been helping us with various different roles for several years. He is an able bloke from southern Norway, enjoys his coffee and reading through the forums every morning. As of now he is the current Lead Forum Moderator and helping us with any task that may come with that position. He is greatly appreciated and we hope that he can be with us a long time. Salute to him and all our Commie....umm...Volunteer Moderators!

Our gratitude is endless, and thank you every one!