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WWIIOL:BE by it's very nature attracts a pretty hard-core type of gamer, guys and gals who can have an edgier attitude than your regular flavor sandbox player.  So it can be a heck of a juggling job for our in-game moderators to make sure that everyones game experience stays as fun as possible and still allow for the odd rage, frustration or alcohol induced outburst. For the past couple of years TROPER has been tasked with leading this die-hard and punishment-loving group of volunteers, and he's pretty much rocked it.

what TROPER may look like

Troper is a day 1 player, a solid and level-headed guy who logs in nearly every day and leads his game moderators always with an eye towards fairness and, well, moderation. He's given hours upon hours of his free time to the game in what is one of the most thankless roles. He keeps his team calm and cohesive and has been a rock-steady volunteer, one we're extremely grateful for. His GMs are always behind the scenes, keeping the peace while understanding that our players have fire and passion. They work hard to keep your game arena fun and safe and as civilized as can be expected from the merry band of nuts that make up our community.

So to Troper and his team, we say “Thanks! First round is on us!”

0 #6 Jammyman 2010-11-19 23:12
Troper, we go back along way Sir. My Co in the LW, took me under your wing, taught me about the Dedication to the Player Base and to the Game.

You were my Inspiration to set my goals high look where i ended up \~/ Cheers my old Friend
0 #5 hyoslvr 2010-11-19 22:02
Yeah I've played with Troper since 2001 and I agree with what you said. S!
0 #4 Icetwp 2010-11-19 18:59
Good job Troper and the rest of your people as well. :)

Until we see a Submarine....
0 #3 XOOM 2010-11-19 17:08
Troper & GM's, you guys are rock stars! Thanks for all of your hard work, appreciate it very much!
0 #2 OldZeke 2010-11-19 15:58
Troper is top notch. GMs have a tough job and without them we'd be in a mess for sure. I don't envy them their job but I am glad we have folks willing to give their time to make our gaming better.
0 #1 BlackEagle 2010-11-19 15:29
I played along side Troper for years...he is indeed the most mature and fair person I know. He also can not fly at night.
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