Welcome Back, WillyTee!


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CRS and Playnet are thrilled to announce that the new WillyTee Comics site is up and running!  Too long have we gone without the wit and wimsy of our Official WWIIOL:BE cartoonist. After a multitude of emails, testing, re-testing and more re-testing, WillyTee's site has been deemed ready for it's launch.

Special thanks go out to OrionX, a dedicated player who volunteered many hours to the design and construction of the new site. Thanks also to KILLER for taking the time to set up a Playnet server specifically for Willy's site.

Bill "WillyTee" Teitzel is a year 1 WWIIOL player and a well recognized presence on the battlefield....not for his soldiering skills but for his uncanny ability to be right behind you when you do something colosally moronic.  How many times have I heard the following conversation in-game:

"Hey Madurai, you missed that Panzer and just sapped a hedgerow, you noob!"

"Thank god WillyTee isn't here to s...DAMMIT!"

Willy's comics and cartoons never fail to bring a smile, a chuckle and, usually, a belly laugh from players on both sides of the fence. He captures some of the more entertaining experiences we have all had playing with light-hearted cheek. When he made the leap from panel comics to fully animated cartoons, he gained such a huge fan-base that he's hard pressed to log in to the game or the forums and not get hammered with requests to be featured in his next movie. I guess they don't realize that to get star billing, you have to really screw up on a massive scale!

WillyTee is such a deeply valued member of our community that in June of 2007, CRS gave him the only Honorary Gold Builder status ever granted a player. We are incredibly happy to have his site back up and running and eagerly looking forward to new stuff.

Welcome back, WillyTee!

PS: Can I be in your next movie??!!!