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Some of you may have noticed a new banner ad on the forums for "Idle Diversions - Games for Iphone". Having devoted many many hours of help and support to CRS and players, we are happy to help Ahwulf promote his new venture: game applications for the Apple Iphone. Take a minute to see what he's got to offer.
Good luck, Ahwulf!

"I am Andrew Wulf, better known in the game as 'ahwulf', player since the earliest days of the Mac version. Long time programmer going back to stone age. One of the earliest Macintosh developers in 1985 (where I actually led a team that developed 3 mainstream Mac applications and ran a company as well) until ending up at Apple briefly in 1995. Last 10 years as a web architect and developer. Now iPhone games developer and probably part time PHP programmer if I can find some work.

My company is called Idle Diversions, and I have a long line of original games on the drawing board, if I can just make them fast enough. My first app is "Codewords", a combination crossword and cryptogram puzzle that was released recently. Selling iPhone apps is tough unless you are in the top 100.

I've been volunteering for the Rats for several years now, supporting the Mac version and its forum, finding and fixing bugs, and some other coding as well (I wrote the sound support in the Mac client). Like so many people I wanted to help keep this great game going, and what time I spend is worth it.

WillyTee has agreed to work on some future games with me as cartoonist and animator, and I'm excited about the prospect as his style and wit is perfect for some of the ideas I have (and I can't draw a lick!). The only challenge is making enough in the meantime on my other apps since the animation work will take longer than my other apps.

My website is at http://idlediversions.com. I'd appreciate any help you can give me, word of mouth mentions can go a long way, as well as sales!

See you in the war!"

-Andrew Wulf
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