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Not only will WWIIOL:Battleground Europe reachs it's 10th birthday this year, so will some of the most dedicated squads. One of those is the ANZACS out of Australia. Founded as a brotherhood of avid gamers, it soon became a tight-knight group of friends. To commemorate their 10 years of camaraderie, the ANZACS sent in a sizable donation to the Builders Fund and were awarded a unique decal in recognition for continued support for the game and community. Salute to them!

Salador, Squad XO:

The reason for our donation as such: 2010 was the tenth anniversary of the ANZACs as a squad within the WWIIOL: Battleground Europe world. In celebration of this we wanted to contribute something to the game world as a thank you for the years of enjoyment, mateship, camaraderie and entertainment CRS and the gaming community in a broader aspect has shown us. The decision was made that in order to celebrate our ten years it would be great to organize some form of squad recognition (like a giant tenth anniversary statue or squad patches) in game. A hat was digitally passed around and thus the donation was born.

Notable members of the community in leadership over the years (as well as those indicated by our co Kkoori) include karelean, cometus, downu, aeropause, salador, windy, rabitldr, jamm40, cavalier and many others.

WWIIOL ANZAC squad history

The origins of the unit lay in the online game Warbirds where I had been playing for several years.  It was whilst I was a member of this community that I heard of several key members of the game production company I had played with in game such as Rafter and DocDoom leaving and forming their own game, WWII Online.  Being very interested in this development I went to the original community ‘orange forums’ when they opened to see how things were unfolding.

Very quickly I noticed several other Australian and New Zealand Warbirds players I knew well were also ‘coming over’.  These included Michael ‘Burbank’ Hyde and Barry ‘Carrot’ Hayes and Adam ‘Retnuh’ Hunter.   Sadly all three of these very fine gentlemen have passed away since 2000.

It was Burbank’s encouragement of me to form and lead an ANZAC unit that prompted me to go ahead.  A key underlying premise of the unit being a half game/half social club that did not take itself too seriously.

The WWIIOL ANZACs were formed on 10 January 2000 whilst I was in an Internet cafe in Broadway Sydney.  Burbank was the first member and by default, the units first ‘XO’.

We both agreed being the descendants of real ANZACs to form the historical basis of the unit on the Second World War 9th Australian Division, as my grandfather was an Infantryman with this division at Tobruk alongside Burbanks own father who was an engineer in the same Division.  For our Air Support elements we agreed on No.3 Squadron RAAF being the historical unit as they fought the entire Second World War away from mainland Australia we would adopt alongside the then missing (now thankfully found) HMAS Sydney (II) for our Naval elements.

For our New Zealand elements the obvious choice was the famous 2nd New Zealand Division, No.75 Squadron RNZAF and HMNZS Achilles for their distinctive service during the Second World War.  Our first Kiwi member in the unit was Ruru.

Interest in our unit quickly grew not just in Australia and New Zealand but around the world.  Several members of our unit became very well known across the growing community from the very first days of the orange forums.  Members such as Surp, Madwallaby and AJ in particular.

In order to have an effective and cohesive unit in-game before the actual game was released we conducted unit training in games such as Delta Force and Aces High.  We also had the forerunner of the current team speak voice communications in use as well to encourage and form the usage of ‘voice comms’ for better co-ordination teamwork.

We are proudly an original unit of WWIIOL pre-dating the actual game itself, with many of our unit members holding key positions within the AHC/BEF in our over eleven years of existence in the WWII Online Community.  We are a successful and unique combination of a WWIIOL squad/social club, with people from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences.

Garth “kkoori” O’Connell




0 #19 quizno 2011-03-28 20:40
Congrats to a group of guys I look forward to meeting in person NEXT year Lord willing. Been a pleasure playing ingame & serving in AHC along side of you guys. Even enjoyed all the "fun" with salador & cometus LOL
0 #18 captcrash 2011-03-28 14:30
All I know is when I play my squad leader says just watch for where any anzacs are playing and you know thats the town we have to defend.
0 #17 Stege 2011-03-21 12:21
A very happy B-day from 41 Panzerjäger,

!S To a great squad,
0 #16 slayer 2011-03-20 12:36
ANZACS just want to say you guys are great i have ran and foughtg beside cometus plenty of times! You guys have a great unit put together there and to that i Salute you all....Happy Birthday to you guys!!
0 #15 ouwd xo 11th hussars 2011-03-19 15:19
the 11th hussars wish all anzacs happy birthday
0 #14 Belnz 2011-03-19 01:03
Congrat Anzacs a great squad to be a part of!
0 #13 Thorpug 2011-03-18 23:57
A big S! to a great squad! From one old squad (Royals) to another, Happy 10th
0 #12 zac74 2011-03-18 19:59
Happy Birthday Anzacs, proud to have been a squad member for the last 8 years.

Happy 10th birthday to CRS and a big thanks for making the best game ever! I have been happily subbed more or less for 8 years now, no itention of leaving either!
0 #11 kkoori 2011-03-18 19:25
I'd like to add that us WWIIOL ANZACs are an international squad with naturally a very strong New Zealand membership, with many North Americans and Europeans also being members. You don't have to be a Kiwi or an Aussie to be with us :-)
0 #10 kkoori 2011-03-18 19:20
Thank you so much to the producers, CRS staff and international playerbase of WWII Online-Battleground Europe for their continued ongoing support and dedication.
There is no other simulation like WWII Online and no unit like the WWIIOL ANZACs :)
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